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Discuss moving toilet and bath waste pipe in the Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms area at

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  1. Steveuk

    Steveuk New Member

    Hi. I'm a keen DIYer and my next project is the bathroom. I plan on removing the bath and adding a shower (probably 1000 or 1200 tray), and moving the toilet. I'd love some advice/thoughts on my project.

    I've attached a photo of how it is now.

    1. Shower waste. I have two options, build a raised area for a low profile shower tray to sit on, then run the waste into the original bath waste which is run above floor level as shown in picture. HOWEVER, I'd love to get rid of the boxing and as the joists run from right to left, 'shouldn't' be too much trouble. However.. I am guessing the bath waste runs into the toilet waste pipe on the left (also above floor level) which then goes through that back wall into the en-suite where it picks up the waste from another toilet and sink and then into the main stack.

    The problem I foresee is that if I move the bath waste under floor, the soil pipe will still be above which means the bath waste won't flow into it as it will be lower. Are there any workarounds or methods of solving this?

    2. Move toilet. From that picture I plan on ripping it all out, putting the toilet at the back left, pretty much under the window, bring the sink to where the toilet is now, and put the radiator on the back wall where the sink is now (but slightly more to the right)

    Is the toilet move simple enough to do with regards to the soil pipe? I'm guessing I would cut the pipe further towards the back, and put in a toilet fitting there instead. Then run new waste pipe from the sinks new position and into the soil pipe. Does that sound right?

    Look forward to your replies.
    Thanks. Steve.

  2. Allgoode

    Allgoode GSR

    Hi Steve,

    Personally before making any decisions re - drain from shower tray i would remove the boxing from the waste pipe all around the room so you can actually see whats going on.

    Looking at the height of the boxing i would "guess" that the waste from the basin/bath is running around under the 4" waste pipe from the loo & entering the soil stack via a boss below the entry for the loo waste.

    If you are replacing the sanitary fittings then built in with a service void under/behind may save the day.

    If that's the case you should be minimise the supply (H&C) & also the proposed shower waste boxing height as long as you are precise & tidy with layout.

    There is a lot of different things that need to be considered but get the boxing off first & even see if you can get some free plans drawn up in a bathroom showroom to give you options,


    Andy (Allgoode)
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  3. Steveuk

    Steveuk New Member

    Oh right. So you don't think the bath/basin wastes are running into the waste pipe from the toilet? I thought maybe there was a big toilet waste pipe running through both bathrooms and ALL waste pipes went into that.

    Do baths/sinks/showers normally have a different pipe network to the toilet going to the main stack?
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