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Discuss Megaflow service and problem solve need in Portsmouth. in the Looking for a Heating Engineer? Post Jobs Here area at

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  1. mattmatt

    mattmatt New Member

    Hello I am looking for someone to service our megaflow (8 years old) and sort a problem out with it.

    Background. Our set up has always been a boiler serving kitchen/cloakroom taps and megaflow. The megaflow serves the bathroom bath/shower and sink.

    We've just replaced our faulty boiler with a new 28kw boiler.

    Prior to the new boiler fit we would be able to have a deep bath and a long shower 30mins+ and still have hot water during and after just off the boiler feed to the megaflow without the megaflow element being on. The pressure (shown by bath fill time and shower strength was about half it is now). Although when the megaflow was first fitted we had full pressure and lots of hot water. With the element in the megaflow never being turned on.

    We only ever turned the element in the megaflow on when the boiler would break every couple of years or so.

    Now we have had a new boiler fitted and the pressure is right up. Now if I fill a bath at full speed you cannot get hot water after for a shower. If I fill the bath at half speed you can get a bit of hot water for a shower but it does run out and takes a while for hot water to return to the bathroom taps. On one occasion the hot water never came back and we had to turn the megaflows element on to reheat the tank.

    We are now having to turn on the megaflow element to have a bath and shower close together and sometimes the hot just runs out without a bath or shower.

    As the system worked before without the element in the megaflow being turned on that is what we would like to return to (as it is the most cost effective) no matter what the pressure is.

    Please contact me if you can help.

    or call


    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  2. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    If this job interests you please PM the op direct.
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