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  1. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    Easton, i have had a look and your are correct Wagner is not featured as an approved manufacturer of panels but they should be able to provide you with the MCS Number for the collectors you have used, If not let me know and I can do a bit more digging well done again on passing your MCS.
  2. eaton

    eaton Guest

    just checked again and they are under the solar keymark part as barilla f22, so its a rebadged wagner panel called barilla f22, as is the vaillant rebadged as aurotherm, dont like to make this easy do they!! just signed my first one off though with not too much problem.
  3. markfxy

    markfxy Plumber

    Mr Farquhar Easy MCS after reading your article in H&V magazine could you please explain how making it easier for small companies to get MCS accreditation will lead to in your words, Public money being squandered and a free for all which will confuse consumers leading to them choosing the bigger companies, Also how has it maintained high quality installations and protected consumers when
    the main focus of MCS is the QMS which is easily achievable by the cowboy double glazing companies.

    You also claim that to let us smaller installers distribute government funding would be criminal and lead to that money being squandered??

    I would suggest your charges are criminal and your estimate of £770 pounds to achieve MCS accreditation is laughable any loosening of the criteria would hit you lot in the pocket which is why you're questioning the standards of smaller companies most of which will still be installing in the next 10, 15 years as a necessity, How many of the rip off merchants you've helped to gain MCS will be around when the fit's are reduced in a few years not many.
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  4. unguided1

    unguided1 Plumber GSR

    have you got a link to this Markfxy
  5. ecowarm

    ecowarm Guest

    Eaton and markfxy can you contact me if your MCS solar thermal I have a contact with work nationwide for a supermarket group
  6. eaton

    eaton Guest

  7. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    Markfxy - For the purpose of clarification I would like to point out that some of the points you have raised are incorrect and untrue and I would like to address this to prevent confusion for installer looking to gain MCS.

    The comment raised about reducing the standards i.e removing the QMS would make it easier for installers to join the scheme but also would make it easier for rogue traders to operate in the industry. The standards have been set to ensure a high level of quality for both the installation and customer relations. The QMS simply provides evidence that you fully understand the standards and will operate to them, without this installers may fall outside of the standards resulting in consumers not receiving the correct level of service from the approved installer.

    The main focus of MCS is not the QMS although this does play an important part in the initial assessment to ensure the installer have the correct procedures in place to operate in accordance with the MCS standards. The latest MIS document is testament to this emphasising on the competence of the installer carrying out the work.

    We have never said that smaller installer distributing the funds made available by the government would be criminal, although we do feel that if the standards were to be reduced rogue traders would find it easier to join the scheme resulting in a higher level of customer complaints and consumer confidence in the industry. I am sorry to hear that you feel our charges are to high and we do try to maintain competitive price which saves installers in the long run. In most cases the costs associated with using Easy MCS are offset by the discounts associated with the assessment and training costs. But I can assure you that many installers who have experience in the technology they are looking to install have gained MCS for £770 of less I spoke to one MCS installer at the renewable roadshow this week who had been installing heat pumps for a large firm for three years and had now set up on his own and he achieved MCS for £250. I am more than happy to advise how he did this so others can in the future.

    As always I would like to state that easy mcs works towards assisting installers to achieve MCS, we do not set the standards for the MCS or have anything to do with the certification scheme requirements. We simply work to the standards set out and help when asked.
  8. eaton

    eaton Guest

    Just thought I'd add I'm starting to see real benefits of mcs, solar is dead at minute but heat pumps are going well, Im doing one a month currently and its more profitable than any boiler install.

    Also just been nominated for "national heat pump Install of the year" awards show is on may I think. Good times and proud moments
  9. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

  10. AlexGas

    AlexGas Plumber GSR

  11. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Thread's been killed.
  12. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    You sure?
  13. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    Not this one you eejit..
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  14. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

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  15. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    Croppie do you want to delete or edit my post :)

    I got a really irate, very rude and foul languaged phone call from the guy at 3:10 am this morning (went to voicemail :) ) telling me in no uncertain terms not to contact him, but he'd me more than happy to meet face to face!!
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