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  1. eaton

    eaton Guest

    didnt really have one specific person, spoke to simon and last of all libby,

    im with santander and they basically dont wany to know, bloke siad go and talk to hsbc or natwest which I have but ill need to move all business their way, currently have a business account and a reserve account, could I use the reserve account for deposits? real seemed certain i need it in a 3rd part client account, whats this insurance is it the one real offer for free once youve joined?
  2. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    Hi Eaton,As I understand it you can use the reserve account for compliance with Real but it's worth discussing it with the insurance side as they ultimately call the shots with regard to the cover for advanced payments / deposits. I am back in the office on Wedneday if you would like me to have a look into this for you? Regards Simon.
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  3. eaton

    eaton Guest

    Thanks I'd appreciate that could save me having to move banks!!
  4. boblydon

    boblydon Plumber GSR

    I to am looking down the route of MCS, this thread has been very helpful to see many different points of view, some of the posts I had never even thought about.Thanks too all who have contributed.Bob
  5. eaton

    eaton Guest

    Easymcs, any news regards bank accounts, my real certificate turned up earlier, just sent a copy to napit so should be ready to go
  6. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    Hi Eaton,

    I have spoken to Real and they are now looking for a specified account that all banks have to offer which is a deposit or client bank account, the reason for this is that it is treated seperately from your normal account and would not be included in the company assests if it was to go into liquidiation, I have spoken to barclays today and they advised that they do not charge for this service but this may be down to the individual bank. Barclays advised that it is still under your business name but they set it up so that it does not fall as part of you standard business acoount to enable this to sit between you and the customer.

    This process has been utilised with solicitors when large amounts of money are being trasfered from one user to anouther, this was the way i described it to barclays and they new what i wanted after this.

    Please let me know if you need any further assitance on this.
  7. eaton

    eaton Guest

    thanks, santander told me they are not really interested so went to hsbc and they do one free but will have to move all my business with them, bloody pain in the arse, better get some work out of this lol
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  8. markfxy

    markfxy Plumber

    As nobody has posted about renewables for at least a week I can only assume that since the RHI announcement you are all snowed under with work and haven't even had a chance to post on this thread:smug:
    I'm still waiting for the phone to start ringing but i'm sure it will, wont it???
  9. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    Markfxy - If you send me your MCS number i will see if we have had any enquiries come in from consumers looking for installations in your area.
  10. eaton

    eaton Guest

    very busy but not renewables, had one quote for a solar install, should be on the register either this monday or next so will see then if this mcs lark actually starts paying off
  11. eaton

    eaton Guest

    right confirmed today, im MCS approved. Went online all logged in and looking good, only issue is cant fird the Barilla flat plates on the list, made by wagner but they are linked as vaillant!!!
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  12. CES

    CES Trusted Plumber GSR

    Well done Mate, Hope you do well out of it.
  13. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    Eaton - hope you don't mind me asking.

    How long has it taken you to get to this stage and what's the approximate cost?

    I ask because on other threads there seem to be so many variables and it would be good to hear from the horse's mouth, if you see what I mean.

    Best of luck with the qualification and I hope you get a couple of jobs quickly before it's all forgotten!!
  14. eaton

    eaton Guest

    taken a year all in but sure you could do it quicker, its a lot of paperwork and a lot of nights by the pc total cost est inc training, books, cert etc £3,00 ish plus vat, plus as i said a lot of time so factor that in and your pushing roughly inc training and paperwork min 60 hours
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  15. dontknowitall

    dontknowitall Guest

    That's really helpful. Many thanks!!

    Good luck, again!
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