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Discuss MCS Accreditation in the Renewable Energy area at

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  1. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    We have started this thread to give everyone an area to discuss MCS Certification and any issues or questions associated with it.

    Easy MCS are the UK's leading MCS Specialists and we are happy to help and advise if anyone has any queries.

    Many Thanks
  2. Toddyplumb

    Toddyplumb GSR

    I am doing QMS training next week , whats next (I already have my solar thermal)
  3. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    HI There,

    Not entirely sure what you mean? What QMS Training are you doing?

  4. Toddyplumb

    Toddyplumb GSR

    The training is to make sure our QMS system will meet the requirements of MCS
  5. EasyMCSLtd

    EasyMCSLtd Guest

    Where are you doing this training and what does it cover?
  6. unguided1

    unguided1 Plumber GSR

    Unfortunately as a self employed person I cant afford to be MCS accredited also with me secretarial skills I could never run a QMS so I am still exploiting my loophole to its maximum.
    I will also refuse to become MCS accredited until something is done about it as well Because as I see it the QMS is completely irrelevent when I look at some of the installs I am dealing with half the installers cant even get their unvented regulations right let alone read an installation manual
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  7. ecowarm

    ecowarm Guest

    Must agree unguided1 lots of cowboys on the MCS list as far as I can tell, around here anyway.
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  8. Wag

    Wag New Member

    Can anyone tell me if there are any alternative routes to getting an installation registered? I put in an (Ideal!) ASHP with Uponor underfloor heating at the back end of last year on a renovation but I am not registered with MCS. RHI was all a bit up in the air at the time, and the customer was made aware that MCS was a trial for self employed one man bands and that I was only considering getting registered, now he wants the installation registered and to be honest I cant be bothered. Already Gas Safe and Oftec . . . Yawn!
  9. Ivor Bates

    Ivor Bates Guest

    Unless things change dramatically I'm not sure whether I'll bother with MCS. Having already invested both time and money with Vaillant and Worcester on their solar courses, I have also attended MCS course with Worcester. On both of these companies websites as being accredited for nearly 5 years, heavilly promoted on both my websites. With the grand total of installations to date...3 lol. Oh yes I'm also on the REAL assurance listing. Am I going to chuck anymore money and time at this? No. It seems to me that for the costs involved and the returns gained Joe public are not investing in this technology unless of course it is being subsidised by the Government, which mean us the the taxpayer is paying for it via the back door. It's very difficult to convince people to invest in being green and energy efficient when fuel bills are rocketing and were in the middle of a recession.
  10. eaton

    eaton Guest

    Got my heat pump & solar thermal assessment booked for the 20 july
  11. stopcock

    stopcock Guest

    The trouble with the MCS is it is for the 'Big Boys' and pen pushers!! I have admin skills and my hubby has been in the business for 25 + years and we have great reputation. Suddenly we are being asked to create massive manuals to say what paperwork we have etc etc just to install some solar panels??? It's becoming a mad world.
  12. markfxy

    markfxy Plumber

    Mad indeed when you consider all the effort you have to go to these manuals, maintenance schedules etc etc only for the customer to throw them in the bin once you've finished but you'll have to keep copies for years!!
  13. Mrs Tara Plumbi

    Mrs Tara Plumbi Guest

    Thanks for this info. it answers many questions which I had not yet asked!
  14. eaton

    eaton Guest

    Right assessment is Wednesday and I'd like to add my estimate of costs to get this farTraining solar £450Training heat pumps £650Napit registration £750Real registration £220Books tr30 £40Easymcs qms £700Time off for training 6 days, Time spent on qms est 10 hours. So if I said £200 a day lost for time £1400 ish.Total est £4500
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  15. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    just do the 2399, its all done in one course, saving you money in the long run
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