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Discuss Manifold actuator caps spontaneously popped off?! Is this a problem? in the Underfloor Heating Forum area at

  1. Mr S

    Mr S New Member


    A couple of days ago my wife, upon hearing a whistling noise in the cupboard where the manifold is, noticed that one of the actuator caps was missing. Specifically, it was scattered throughout the cupboard (as if sprung by the...spring). Please see pictures.

    We have yet to re-fit the actuator cap. Is this easy and safe to do? Also, what is the impact of not doing so on the heating and should we be at all worried that the cap spontaneously flew off?

    Many thanks, Steve.


  2. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    if not replaced, that zone will be on all the time your u/floor heating on,
    Easy to replace if you can wire it in,
    Don't worry about it popping off, it's probs ker nackered
  3. Mr S

    Mr S New Member

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Do you mean replace the actuator itself, or just the cap? Are you saying the cap popped off because the (brand new) actuator is knackered?

    Thanks, Steve.
  4. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    if you can replace cap , do so, if not, replace actuator
    if new,get your installer to replace,
    cheers from Steve
  5. snowhead

    snowhead Plumber

    It looks like the grey cap, on the floor, latches into the grey valve body and holds the spring and white cover in place.
    It may be as simple as put the spring back on then the white cover, press the white cover down against the spring and fit the grey cap by twisting, clockwise by the look of it.
    if it won't stay on the latch has failed on the cap.
    If it does latch on, check the others as at least 2 look out of alignment compared to most.
  6. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

    Hi the top has snapped off. So,it’s anew actuator. Wundafloor should replace it free of charge . I’ve had one do that too.