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Discuss Looking to get experience in Gas Plumbing (trainee) London area in the Plumbers Looking for Work - Post Here area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. dinkeytom

    dinkeytom New Member

    Hi, I am currently training up to become gas safe and would like to further my experience in an unpaid traineeship. I had been in a plumbing apprenticeship in the past, but it didn't work out between me and my employer, possibly because of my inexperience, the fact that they wanted someone already at a Level 2 NVQ and that JTL wanted all apprentices to be assessed at Level 1 all the way up to Level 3. I have partially done my Level 2 6035 Diploma in Plumbing Studies and have obtained my Unvented G3 Certificate. Ultimately I want to become self employed, but first I must become more confident on the job. I am not afraid of getting dirty and hot and smelly conditions as I already work as a kitchen porter. I have a genuine interest in the trade and construction in general, as I have installed things at home and where I work, I have also fixed the industrial dishwasher without instructions, which shows I think from a top down perspective.
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