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  1. JayKay70

    JayKay70 Member

    Hi all,

    Got a tiler coming around to tile to toilet and thought i might aswell replace the old toilet.

    Problem i can see is if i order a new toilet there is gonna be a big chance that the water feed pipe going to the old cistern will not line up with the new cistern.

    I was thinking if i cut the copper pipe can i fit a flexible hose instead? that way i will get more options with the hose fitting the new cistern.

    I have done a few pictures of the pipes and a diagram of what i mean.

    Any idea if this can be done, if yes what will i need?

    Looking forward to your thoughts




  2. CBW1982

    CBW1982 GSR Top Contributor!!

    It all depends on which cistern you go for and the dimensions. Fittings wise, yes a full bore isolation valve, a 15mm x 1/2” flexible tap connector, and a single/double check valve if required (instructions should tell you that).
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  3. Ben-gee

    Ben-gee Plumber

    Just isolate at existing valve, remove toilet and let him tile. Then when you have new toilet alter the pipework if needed, it’s all on surface so will be easy to do later.
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  4. JayKay70

    JayKay70 Member

    Thanks all, after having another look i think i will keep the toilet i have as it's excellent condition, all it really needs is a better matter what seat i buy they all wobble/move over time.

    I know how to remove the cistern but never removed a toilet before.

    It has a flexible waste hose connected to it, are these glued on are do they just pull off?...just need to remove it so he can tile underneath it.

  5. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Flexible pan connectors just pull out of pan and from soil pipe. They have push fit seals.
    But be careful taking it off because it is ribbed inside same as outside and will have some unpleasant stuff attached.
    Have a bag ready to put it in.
    I just replaced a perfectly good used one rather than refitting it
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  6. JayKay70

    JayKay70 Member

    Thanks all.

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