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  1. IANK

    IANK New Member

    The last few days noticed my upstairs radiators are heating up when any taps are turned on , could this be down to a valve not shuting properly . Anyone got an idea of the cost if its a valve needing replaced.
    Thanks Ian.
  2. Darren Jackson

    Darren Jackson Plumber GSR

    Around £120 for the valve replacing on its own and valve plus head replacing should be around £170. Depending on your location. But it is not necessarily the problem as it could be 3 other things causing the problem. Best to have your local GSR to have a look at it & fault find and then give you a price for fixing it.
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  3. IANK

    IANK New Member

    Thanks for your help , I will get someone in to look at it see if they can pin point the problem and get a accurate price.
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