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Discuss Level 3 apprentice work Essex/London in the Plumbers Looking for Work - Post Here area at

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  1. Joshuapell

    Joshuapell New Member


    I'm just coming to the end of my level 2 C&G NVQ. I've been doing my apprenticeship with a relatively large company and I don't believe they're willing to keep me on for my level 3, as well as this I kind of want to move away from new build and get some experience in domestic plumbing. The only issue is I'm 22 y/o so my courses cost. I've really been searching for a company that would give me the opportunity to do my level 3 with them, even if it means getting a loan to pay for the course myself. I really want to do my level 3 and I know that if I put it off I'll struggle to get back into education. I'm competent in pretty much all areas of new build plumbing. Very good with customers too, used to work as a manager in a customer facing role before plumbing.Was seeing if anybody knows of some companies that might be looking to take someone on in the Essex/London area?

    Thanks for your time :)

    - Josh
  2. E4gas

    E4gas Plumber GSR

    Hello joshuapell
    Are you still looking for a place to do work experience
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