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Discuss Just got best quote for limited company public liability and employers liability in the Insurance for Plumbers area at

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  1. Rodreguez

    Rodreguez GSR

    started off at 830 for me and the other director in our company. played all the brokers off against one another slowly getting cheaper and cheaper. ended up at 596:). This was with the bank who have our business account.

    So this shows you can get alot of money off if you haggle and their first price is never their best!

    All you gotta know is whow the policy is underwritten by and if they deal with the policy provider they will beat it!!!
  2. thompsonbrown

    thompsonbrown Plumber GSR

    there all chancers.. when it comes to insurances they usually ask you what have you been quoted so far and who was it with., why cant they just give you the best price there company can offer without all the rubbish., imagine quoting for a plumbing job and starting off with whats your best price so far love and can you show me there quote.
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  3. thompsonbrown

    thompsonbrown Plumber GSR

    apology's for the language
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