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Discuss Is your home heated up with a heat pump? in the Renewable Energy area at

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  1. Nads678

    Nads678 New Member

    Than you are the one we are searching for. Please participate in our Survey, let us know your opinion about your heat pump and get member in our Experience Group. Within the Workshop, which is aligned by one of the biggest heat pump manufacturer, you can discuss the advantages and disadvantages or the functions of your heat pump and express your wishes.

    Create the pump of the future!

    This is no spam link. We really like to hear your experiences with heat pumps. The click on the Yes-Button for the Experience Group is only a display of interest, not a binding promise.


    We, means the P3 communications GmbH, are a Consuting Company and work in cooperation with the Partner named above. The Partner wants to develop their products for the customers need.

    I'm looking forward to a high participation!

    Kind regards
  2. Bronze_tap

    Bronze_tap Member

    There is one fundamental flaw with that survey, it does NOT allow multiple choices for answers on a heating sources - like a house which already has ASHP + Solid fuel stowe + Solar thermal feeding the thermal store, and uses both UFH and radiators as heat emiters.
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Thread Status:
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