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  1. Bibbs118

    Bibbs118 GSR

  2. Bibbs118

    Bibbs118 GSR


  3. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Is there something personal between the two of you? It's the second time you're posted this.
  4. Bibbs118

    Bibbs118 GSR

    No mate, I'm just absolutely stunned at this guys incompetence level, we all start somewhere and none of us know everything, but to have the stupidity level required to make YouTube videos of your self making fundamental mistakes and then trying to sell a ****ing COACHING course at 2k per month per muppet is an absolute affront to every real Gas Engineer out there.

    What he's doing is fraud, he charging decent money and dishing out totally inaccurate and sometimes dangerous/ misleading information, which no doubt his students will believe to be stop on and helpful to themselves and their customers.

    If your a Gas Engineer and watch the videos you'll see what I'm on about .

    He's been a gas Engineer for 23 years and thinks the fuse spur "should be close to the boiler" and that a 3amp fuse is there to offer "surge protection for the pcb"

    He thinks, for a suprima to fire up both the heating sensor and over heat stat need "to be satisfied"

    He thinks the flame sensor "senses the spark and the flame and keeps the ignition sequence going"

    In one video he fills a burst boiler up to show where the burst is allowing water to **** all over nearly £400 quids worth of parts, and probably the pcb.

    He calls the boiler sequence the "sequence of events"

    He thinks white staining on a logic sump is "signs of corrision" because the heat exchanger has pin hold" (when this is actually a clear and unmistakable indication that Products of Combustion/fumes are leaking)

    He is totally incapable of correctly describing a boiler sequence and misses out, voltage to gas valve or modulation in both sequence of operation vids.

    He doesn't know plate heat exchanger heat the dhw through conduction heat transfer and describes this process as "the water goes in the plate and turns hot"

    He thinks you should hold the reset button on a baxi 105e for "about 10 seconds" to reset it .

    23 years as a Gas Engineer....WOW.
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    Last edited: Oct 19, 2018
  5. hammers4spanner

    hammers4spanner Plumber GSR

    I thought you held the reset button for 11 seconds ???
  6. Bibbs118

    Bibbs118 GSR

    No mate, if Toach Cony says it's 10, then you can be sure it's 10.