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  1. Teddy 77

    Teddy 77 New Member

    Roofer installed roof vent 18ft away from bathroom vent axia axial fan. Im either going to have to get a roofer to install a roof vent (more expense i dont want) in proper place or buy an inline fan. I have the inline fan picked out. Its good for a 10mtr ducting run.

    I will pay an electrician to wire inline fan. My problem is this stupid [email protected]*ing condensate trap i have to fit.
    My question is can i somehow run the trap from the ducting to the overflow pipe which is coming from the cold water tank in loft. Granite building so can drill new hole.
    The roof vent is very close to the overflow pipe. Overflow pipe easily screws of from tank or would i boss the trap pipe to the overflow? Does this break regulations?

    Also,cause the pvc vent pipe was in a bad place i had to saw it in half so i could reach far wall which needed repointing. Do i fix the trap to the pvc roof vent pipe or to the rigid ducting.

    Sorry about the diagram and photo. I will upload better pics when i get home. The diagram is the current set up. Was installed 9 months ago. When i took flexi ducting off to do work on the wall behind there was a fair bit of water. There was no condensate trap.

    Really would appreciate help. Been driving me nuts for weeks and cant finish loft insulation until i get this sortted. Livingroom full to brim with the insulation=unhappy wife.

    Thanks for your time.


  2. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Not ideal at all a inline extract fan would be a better job , use insulated ducting to reduce condensation a bent toilet pan connector could possibly be used on the tile vent pipe remove the serrated rubber a attach the flex with foil tape and a tie wrap . Kop

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  3. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    I'd say bite the bullet and get the vent installed in the right place. Your bodge won't be free once you've paid for the kit and the sparks and it will always be a bodge. Once you've got all the insulation up there maintenance is going to be a problem in any case.
  4. Teddy 77

    Teddy 77 New Member

    Yes im thinking of admitting defeat. Cost me 400 to have the 2 vents installed. 1 was useable for kitchen other no. Begrudge paying again but as you said paying for sparky + £60 for fan + the extra work+less space.

    Just wondering if i still need to put a condesate trap on the ducting if i get the proper vent installed?
    I would buy insulated ducting and it would only be about 3ft straight up through the roof.
    Its not possible to install a trap where the new vent would be going whicj would mean if i need to install a trap im better going with the inline fan to the pre existing roof vent.
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