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  1. erion

    erion GSR

    I use a self made template and edit pdf file in adobe acrobat
  2. 1Steven

    1Steven Plumber GSR

    Very interesting thread
  3. Rckape

    Rckape Plumber GSR

    I use gas checker for my certs and a prefer to do my own invoicing by pdf and spreadsheet. I like all my quotes, invoices etc to match.
  4. GQuigley67

    GQuigley67 Trusted Plumber GSR

    I use invoice2go but make my own estimates and quotes. I have just ordered an ipad for business use and want to keep everything paperless, anyone any other gas software that they recommend which hasn't been already been recommended in this thread?
  5. Soulman

    Soulman GSR

    Master Gas App, £30 a year, does all invoices, quotes, gas certs (dom and com), legionella certs and oil
  6. Ted808

    Ted808 Plumber GSR

    I've used Gas Engineer Software, but found it hard to use on laptop and tablet - android. Seemed to duplicate and I found it hard to find a list of jobs, also little things like trying to correct mistakes or change numbers of invoices made for a stressful couple of hours!!

    Used BaseTax for accounting free and seems OK .. Still have to input all receipts n stuff. Guy is quick to answer any questions and help by email or online chat box thingy.

    Also have used my own spread sheet - Excelland Openoffice - PDF invoice/estimate template.
    Which has worked well. Better than all of the above but it has got a bit messy now and is hard to keep up without duplicating when saving to external drive.

    It's blinking frustrating
  7. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber Top Contributor!!

    I use a description of work format with (sometimes) breakdown of material costs appended (copied from the spreadsheet file I keep prices of stock items on). That's if it's complicated work or I need to email the invoice.

    If I'm invoicing on the spot (most of my jobs), it's a paper invoice book and scribble by hand.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.