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  1. denmancentral

    denmancentral New Member

    I had someone move my toilet soil pipe which involved changing the connection to the vertical cast iron soil stack. I didn't like the look of it and pulled it apart. I found that he had emptied a full tube of silicon which had solidified and was blocking about 90% of the pipe. I removed most of it. So far so bad.

    2016-11-24 17.51.56.jpg 2016-11-24 17.52.03.jpg

    The vertical stack is shared with flats above and below. There is a boss in the vertical stack which has an inlet for my flat. The photos show the (very old) rubber/plastic connector that was installed to interface between a modern plastic soil pipe and the boss inlet. It looks a bit like like an old WC connector and has a fairly small inside diameter plastic pipe as the second photo shows. It says' MULTIKWIK' on top. The whole thing was originally wrapped in a kind of bandage and covered in gummy resin.

    I haven't tried to remove the multikwik interface, but i suspect that the metal boss is not a standard size. There may also be a kind of lead connector in between, which is what the next door connection uses. As it is, a plastic pipe fits pretty loosely inside but could be siliconed beneath the rubbery part. But the plastic pipe stops where the interface narrows, so I'm worried that water will run back under the plastic pipe end and will sit in the joint.

    Anyone have any ideas for doing this properly? Note that I can't drill into the stack due to access restrictions so i have to use this inlet. Should I pull out the multikwik?
  2. snowhead

    snowhead Well-Known Member

    It'll be a Multiqwik pan connector covered with Densotape.

    The junction may be a fabricated lead pipe tee between the vertical cast iron stack.

    If you remove the Multikwik you'll have to make the stack water tight or you will get cr&p running into your flat.

    It looks like the branch of the Tee has been cut back close to the stack, it's probably going to need removing and replacing.
    That'll need co-ordination with the flats above whilst the section is removed.
    It's not a D.I.Y job.

    Can you get a photo from the side of the branch?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2016
  3. denmancentral

    denmancentral New Member

    Thanks, yes I guess it must be a creative use of a pan connector. Do you think trying to connect a standard plastic soil pipe into it would be a bad idea?

    If I take it apart, is there anything better to replace it with?
  4. Masood

    Masood Guest

    Personally, I would coordinate with the other flats and cut a section out, replace with plastic via a couple of Firnco couplings, and use a plastic branch.
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