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  1. Orry Clayton

    Orry Clayton Plumber GSR

    IntaKlean Magnetic Filter - Williams & Co

    I got this off Roy and fitted it a while ago, I was going to do a video of it been fitted but never got around to it.

    The filter is very well built and one of the easy filters to install. The magnet is a little bit smaller that of of it's competition, but it doesn't just rely on the magnet alone... There is a wire mesh to help collect larger deposits, as well as using gravity pull it to the bottom.

    Like every central heating filter out there it has it's pro's and con's...


    • It works really well.
    • easy to install
    • easy to service
    • well built.
    • Easy to isolate
    • Opens from the bottom, so can get it really close to bottom of boiler.

    • The 'O' rings to be changed every service.
    • Opens from the bottom*, not a big problem, but need to remember bowl.
    • Can't use it for pouring chemicals in, unless you use use concentrates.

    I know this isn't the best review, but next time I have something to review, I will be sure to record it... I'll get bod, to get camera out on me ;)

    Big thank you to Ray and his team at William & Co, for the product and the sweets, much appreciated. I will be sure to use the IntaKlean filter in the future.

    Kind Regards
    Orry Clayton

    HE Engineers Ltd /
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    Last edited: Dec 4, 2013
  2. galaxy_plumbing

    galaxy_plumbing Plumber GSR

    i was looking on something similar other day in the magazine and I personally don't really like idea of emptying filter from the bottom :(. sorry guys Anyway, everybody prefers something else, doesnt it ? ;)
  3. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    cant see why you cant pour chemicals in, I use them all the time and pour 1 or 2 litres in every time, you only have to rotate them 180 and that is simply done!
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  4. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    New mag has a drain plug in base .
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Not open for further replies.