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Discuss Info for people considering fast tracking in the Plumbing Courses area at

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  1. GQuigley67

    GQuigley67 Trusted Plumber GSR

    i know you werent saying if it was right or wrong, i was just saying he's quite right turning down these guys that turn up with not enough qualifications.
  2. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    he has no right to refuse if they meet the criteria, you dont need any quals to do your acs
  3. Ivor Bates

    Ivor Bates Guest

    And here I am, originally it was an article done for the Guardian newspaper who asked me for an interview as they had seen some of my replies on Gumtree's forums to guy's looking to fastrackinto the plumbing industry. The main gripe I have about this fast track system is this myth on earnings but it's always displayed as potential earnings. But like most things you read what you want to read and that is is £40k+. Even in London you will struggle to earn figures like that, certain plumbing companies in London have done the industry little or no favours at all, but it is all part of their self publicity and gullible people take on board what they say. You may well earn £1200 one week, but the following you might only earn £400 and the following £700 and the following £1500 at that rate you'll be on just over £45k pa but then if you have 2,3,6, or 9 weeks of no work then your £45k has just blown away into fantasy land.. As for the amount of calls I get now from both fast track and old school plumbers anywhere between 5-10 per day with the eqivilent in emails... so go figure it out
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  4. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    5-10 people applying for non exisitant plumbing positions is an insight into how much work is out there!!
  5. electric ellie

    electric ellie Guest

    i am fully qualed electrician, but out of work - i am looking into these sorts of courses but only because i have work ex lined up - surely that is ok?
  6. Ivor Bates

    Ivor Bates Guest

    Look this courses are great if you want to plumb your own bathroom suite in, but apart from that not a lot..
  7. BikerBen

    BikerBen Guest

    Bit of an expensive way to learn how to plumb in a bathroom suite ;)

    I think I could do that already with my basic albeit limited practical knowledge :)

    When I contacted one of these companies out of curiosity I found that they were like vultures and wouldnt leave me alone! They kept ringing me up to see if I was ready to sign up but gave ropey answers when I asked searching questions = a scam.
  8. curlycan

    curlycan Guest

    I'd just like to say thankyou for putting this thread on. I have a person from train4tradeskills coming to give me information about their courses tomorrow as I was interested in training as a plumber to go along side my tiling work due to the fact I'm always getting asked if I do plumbing. After reading this thread I will certainly not be taking the course as I don't have 7 grand to waste. And respect for all you apprenticeship served plumbers the way to go would be a proper 4 year course if you want to do it properly.
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  9. leelister6

    leelister6 Plumber GSR

    Your best bet is to get in touch with local plumbers and see if you can get tiling work via them and you can then pass their number on when you're asked about a plumber and vice versa. I've fitted quite a few bathrooms by doing this and got tilers a load of work too
  10. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    try a local college, maybe ask about this course

    [DLMURL=""]Certificate/Diploma in Access to Building Services Engineering | Construction and Building[/DLMURL]
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  11. bikeman01

    bikeman01 New Member

    You probably started out as an apprentice and went on to self employment and are now master of your own destiny.

    We followed a differemt career route, one where we worked for someone else who eventually decided they had no furter use for us.

    So lets get something straight - we're not seduced by easy work for big money - we're normal guys who are being hit by redundancies and need to change careers in mid life - self empoyment may be our only option.

    Yes I know the thread is a momnth or 2 old but I had a point to make.
  12. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    and you think paying 10k for a small chance of a career plus no nvq is a wise choice? Lets get one thing straight, being in a difficult position is one thing, paying 10k for a course with little chance of employment should only be done if you know the risks and have done the homework. Im telling you as it is, it may not be nice to hear but these are the facts.

    i hope it works out for him all the same
  13. bikeman01

    bikeman01 New Member

    Of course no one should hand over £10k without knowing what they are getting for it but not all are fools some are just desperate.

    Having said that there does seem to be an underlying resentment in the trade that anyone should be able to fast track entry yet there is also a reluctance on their part to take on trainees (young and old) - bit of a catch22.

    One day work will pickup, you will have retired and we'll have a skills shortage again.
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  14. fuzzy

    fuzzy Guest

    Or desperate fools? getting a 10k debt wont help anybodies situation.

    I have heard that some centres let newbies believe that the feedback from qualified tradesmen is negative because they dont want them entering the trade and becoming competition. In my experience this is not the case, they are however fiercely protective of the trade and why shouldnt they be?
    All tradesmen should be training and assessed to the same standards, therefore ensuring the same quality and a level playing field. The trade qualifications are there to protect the industry, they ensure we all meet the correct standards and for good reason. Poor quals and short cuts will lead to poorly trained tradesmen, a lowering of credibility for the industry which will affect all tradesmen and clients in the future.

    Companies will take on apprentices when they need to, the supply and demand system provides trainees to the industry when they are needed, so there are highs and lows but these follow the industry trends, its self regulating, so dont worry about being short of skilled trades in the future. It happened about 8 years ago and the industry trained 1,000s of people, hence now we have plenty, any shortage will quickly be remedied.

    Nobody owes anyone a living
  15. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    work to live not live to work
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