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Discuss In need of a mentor "ACS" Langley, Birmingham in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. steven king

    steven king New Member

    Hi Guys
    My name is Steve, 46 years Old.
    Im new to this forum so please bare with me if I state the obvious. Thanks..

    I live in Langley, Birmingham and I'm looking for a Gas safe registered mentor!

    Im aware you guys probably get asked this question all the time, but I'm going to try my luck anyway, you never know I may be useful.
    Im training at the Jubilee centre in Birmingham on a two week on, two week off basis!
    Im half way through the 1st stage - 4 weeks in 4 to go.
    I should be completed by mid December and ready to build my portfolio in January!

    I know its a long shot, but is anybody interested in taking me alongside them to learn the ropes and help me build the portfolio I need?
    I would be available 3-4 days per week and I don't mind getting my hands dirty.
    Im running a business so the rest of my working week would be dedicated to that.
    Im poly phase qualified spark so I know my way around challenges and you only have to show me how to do something once. After that Im generally good to go.

    Besides, It could be advantageous having me around as I could sort any Electrical problems your customer may have.
    I wouldn't be expecting any payment for working alongside you. I would be grateful for the opportunity to learn.

    Hope we can help each other out!

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Best wishes

    Steve King
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