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  1. woodfield

    woodfield Guest

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  2. helpsy

    helpsy Plumber

    I paid £196 for the year with £2m of cover with simply business.
  3. tom_plumb

    tom_plumb Guest

    I paid about £250 with Ashburnham Insurance. Their policy seems very good (includes gas work, heat use, etc) and they were very helpful when I set it up (I needed proof of cover for a job and they emailed me my documents within 10 minutes).

    It seems that Simply Business are quite popular in this neck of the woods. I will probably try them for a quote at renewal but if it's not too much difference I will probably stay where I am.
  4. Leon

    Leon Guest

    I had a nightmare getting mine...
    Some my work is in blocks of flats so I needed 5 million cover - most companies I contacted wouldn't insure me for this as I use a blow torch (like durr I'm a plumber, what do they want me to do light farts at the pipes^^).
    Also because I have been doing this less than 3 years that put the cost up, + I wanted insurance for light commercial as well as domestic (because I have contacts with shops/pubs) and it goes up again...
    Yawn... in the end I ended up paying almost 400 for the year with Trade Direct, who seem pretty good (easily the cheapest for the cover I wanted) they sent me proof of insurance pretty quickly when I needed it ( the day after taking out the policy). This also included a few other bits thrown in 'free' such as tool cover, proffesional indemnity a small amount for personel injury - i didn't want to pay for any of these but got them anyway. Hopefully I never find out how good they really are when it comes to paying out after I flood something/someone^^

    Also I was rather suprised and quite annoyed that not a single company asked me anything about my qualifications or training - meaning any old cowboy/chancer/blagger would pay the same rate grrr
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  5. tom_plumb

    tom_plumb Guest

    I thought the length of time in the trade was a standard question (I may be wrong) that helps with the price but I do agree that qualifications should also be taken into account.
  6. helpsy

    helpsy Plumber

    Like I said in my previous post I paid £196 and that was my first time holding liability and new in the trade!!
  7. Dan

    Dan Admin

    I know I keep saying this but people don't appear to be listening. :p

    Public Liability Insurance, Cheap Public Liability Insurance, Compare Public Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance Cover sponsor all our forums (one of only a couple of companies that do). And part of the deal in getting them on board was to provide something exclusive to our 30,000 members.

    They have said that if you CALL THEIR OFFICE (so don't just use the online quote thing) with details of your renewal or best price PUBLIC LIABILITY insurance quote they will guarantee to beat it.

    You just have to say you're a member of and that Dan has sent you. have been doing this for 6 months now and not one person has said they've not gone with them.
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  8. BluePlumber

    BluePlumber Guest

  9. plumbitearth

    plumbitearth New Member

    Dan is making a fair point there, worth the call!!
  10. CopperPot

    CopperPot Guest

    Im currently working on becoming a plumber ...Thats doesnt seem like a bad price at all bad at all, i suppose its silly not to be insured at that sort of price. Is that an average price?
  11. hannah1991

    hannah1991 Guest

    I need insurance for a job im going to start soon, ive got about 6 weeks though before im fully qualified, does anybody know what kind of proof you have to send off to the companies? i have all of my certificates for my exams and can send them, but im not really too sure how these things work?

  12. helpsy

    helpsy Plumber

    I wasn't asked for proof of anything..only my bank account details!!!!!:D
  13. hannah1991

    hannah1991 Guest

    who did you go with?

    I've heard simply business mentioned a lot!
  14. nysk2008

    nysk2008 Plumber GSR

    i've been self employed for abour 3 months or so and go through simply business. Public Liability £2m and I also have 1500 quid of tool cover if my van gets broken into and that costs me 32 quid per month for 10 months.
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  15. helpsy

    helpsy Plumber

    I went with Simply Business.
    As mentioned you can get a quote from one of the sponsors of this site;)
  16. WHPES

    WHPES Trusted Plumber GSR

    Depends on what is covered. Is it just wet work or boilers, oil, gas etc as well? Look at cover on tool theft as the amount of cover makes a huge difference. I pay £620 is (NFU Mutual) which covers tools and materials up to £5,000 (including when in van), 5 million liability, Hot work, oxy acetylene bottle storage and work, and workshop. Covers for domestic, agricultural and commercial wet plumbing systems and oil fired boiler work.
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  17. oldplumber

    oldplumber Guest

    simply business wanted £200 or so for 2million cover last yr, then I took on some works exp guys to help them get experience and my excess went from £250 to £2000! queried this and Sb said they had got it wrong originally, had an argument with them on and off for 24 hours and threatened them with breach of contract case (using my nephew whos runs his own london law firm) and we reverted to the original conditions. When it comes to renewal time next month Im leaving SB well alone, they seem to be a right cowboy set up, cheap but I wouldnt trust them to pay up when needed.

    Forgot to mention I going with the NFU (national farmers union!) this year, really good brokers and trusted to pay up when needed and they do a reallly good cover fro what I hear. Use the for my van already, funnily enough tho their costs for my landrover are to high to bother with!, long live direct line still
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  18. moore

    moore Guest

    have to agree with oldplumber re simply business, so quick to start up, and i was desperate in oct 09 setting up new business, (had a lot of work forthcoming- and actually the price seemed ok ) - (wetplumbing only/ domestic only) - then moved on to do a couple of specified commerials, didnt like their attitude when i updated them, and they seemed rude, like theyre barking the conditions of cover begrudgingly at me....ill be changing too in oct. PS - Thanks for NFU - ill compare Dans mate / link too, need good helpfull people to do business with-good luck mate - moore
  19. tom_plumb

    tom_plumb Guest

    Was going to compare the renewal quote of my current company with Simply Business when it comes up for renewal next month but might not bother now after what I am hearing.

    My current company are good to deal with and sound like they know what they are talking about when I speak to them (and certainly aren't rude!) so will probably stick where I am. Apparently I get a renewal (loyalty) discount if I renew so with any luck it'll be cheaper than the £250 I paid last year which I think will probably be pretty hard to beat anyway.
  20. Sylvain C

    Sylvain C Guest

    I paid 2000€ for the year
  21. WHPES

    WHPES Trusted Plumber GSR

    Wow, that's like £1,500!

    What cover does that give you?
  22. Sylvain C

    Sylvain C Guest

    This is an insurance for Heating systems and plumbing.
    4,5€ million cover by "disaster" :D
    And I have a Insurance "decennale" this guarantees my works during 10 years

    To be self employed in France sucks :(
    I would like to come to work in UK.
  23. crafty

    crafty Guest

    just paid (9/7/10) £349.54 with contractors site after following dan's link. was £3 more than simply business but there policy had £2500 3rd party and damage excess!! my policy excess £250.

    covered tools to £1200 (i'm only just starting and don't need much in first year) with tools excess of £60.

  24. WHPES

    WHPES Trusted Plumber GSR

    Just be aware that the cheaper quotes cover for public liability only and not tools or anything else.

    Yes, I had plumbing insurance refused from one company as I use a blowtorch!!

    BTW if you do work on any National Trust properties (the tenanted houses as well as the stately homes), hot work is not allowed indorrs so it must all be compression and push-fit.
  25. darrenbea

    darrenbea Guest

    i paid £280 for two million cover plus £1000 tool cover from corgi
  26. moore

    moore Guest

    im coming up to renewall time, and things are hard faced and competitive at the moment - so im going to shop accordingly

    ill keep you posted on my finds - Moore
  27. kay-jay

    kay-jay Trusted Plumber GSR

    i use direct line business. the online quote and buy system is really simple and the insurance was cheap.

    i pay 16.40 per month. its not the best cover but it is CHEAP.

    for this price i get

    1,000,000 public liability cover
    personal injury
    injury to trade partners
    i can use a blowtorch

    this is for a new business (sole trader)

    there is no tool cover for this price!!, 1000 pound tool cover puts price to 21.40 per month. i remove my tools from van anyway. i don't personally like the idea of having no tools for xxx amount of time while waiting for a claim to pay out. therefore i prefer to save on the premium and remove my tools from van

    also there is 0% interest if you pay by month.

    as quoted in previous posts there was no requirement to provide proof of qualifications, however WHICHEVER company you use for insurance THEY WILL demand to see qualifications if you make a claim.

    Last edited: Aug 26, 2010
  28. wheeto

    wheeto Guest

    Interesting, I wonder how that works in the UK? Say you do a job whilst insured, but it comes back to bite you a couple of years later when, for whatever reason, you're no longer covered. Retirement / change of career etc... Are you liable, but uninsured?
  29. Dan

    Dan Admin

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