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Discuss Honeywell TRV leak- type of pipe fitting in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. ian.

    ian. New Member

    I removed a radiator to decorate and when refitting had to undo the bottom nut of the TRV to turn the head slightly, once everything was back in place I nipped up the nut but it’s weeping.

    I’m resigned to draining the system but I just want to check if this type used a 10mm olive so can replace or is it some form of special reducer/adapter.

  2. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

    notoriuos for weeping you can try draining system and either ptfe the reducing olive or apply jointing past. and re tighten, or just wait till hot and try nipping up a bit more when pipes expanded
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  3. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Isn’t it a 15x10 reducer?
  4. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

    one of those brass ones
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  5. ian.

    ian. New Member

    Got a fraction more on the nut after the heating was on for a while and that looks like it’s sorted, I have the obligatory piece of toilet paper under the pipe for me to check tomorrow, but so far it’s looking good.

    Thanks for the tip.
  6. ian.

    ian. New Member

    Too good to be true unfortunately, had to drain down and use jointing compound to resolve the weeping, thanks all for your help and advice
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