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Hive !!

Discussion in 'Central Heating Forum' started by townfanjon, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    Well BG are spending a fortune on their 'Hive' TV adverts, and no doubt they employ some very intelligent marketing guys who I suppose know what they are doing, and yes, there are going to be plenty flash guys down the boozer showing off turning his heating up and down with his i-phone. But when the novelty wheres off . IMO --- what a waste of money, or am I missing something ??
  2. TBServices

    TBServices Guest

    I'd love to turn my heating on and off from a remote location. However, I'm not jumping into it yet. Too much money for not much tech tbh.
  3. ADM360

    ADM360 Guest

    Do know about how much is gimmick or not. But as with everything else the customer wants it all on his phone!!
    That said I have just moved, and have a standard analogue clock on the boiler and dial stat, I am intending to upgrade to a programmable stat as it give more flexibility and set back options, but i am being draw to a stat with an smart app so when i stick my head out from under the covers on a Sunday morning and its a bit chilly I don't have to get out and run down stairs I can just garb my phone and turn it up! but I may have to wait a bit as they aint cheap!!

    IDCHAPPY Trusted Plumber GSR

    Sheesh, what's wrong with just turning it on at the stat :p
  5. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    Take wireless stat to bed with you
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  6. ADM360

    ADM360 Guest

    Going back in the day!

    As an apprentice I worked on a large project, swimming pool with changing rooms, he didn't have a garage he had a room larger than my house call cars. anyway this was his country retreat!! only there now and again so he wanted to turn it on when he left Town so it was all toasty when he arrived some time later.

    Well in the plant room was a control panel the size of a filling cabinet and the programmer spent several days getting it to "talk" to everything!! so I spose £200 for a ready to go on your phone controller isn't that bad really!!
  7. ADM360

    ADM360 Guest

    The Wife could take charge of it then!!
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    IDCHAPPY Trusted Plumber GSR

    Hide it under your pillow ;)
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  9. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    Or have wireless stats in every room.
  10. Roger Welton

    Roger Welton Plumber GSR

    But don't tell the missus which one is connected :)
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  11. UKGuy

    UKGuy Guest

    I had one installed a couple of weeks back after my 7 day timer went down. It works a treat, you can do the usual 7 day program of 4 schedules a day for HW & CH, then manually adjust via a web-browser or iPhone. Also shows the temperature over the last day, week, month etc. so you can judge how low to set temperature when away from the house.
    But the best bit is when you are coming home late at night, you just boost the temperature to have a nice warm house to come home to!
    Considering it comes with a wireless thermostat and is fully fitted, I thought it a reasonable price.
  12. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    Reasonable for BG!
  13. Roger Welton

    Roger Welton Plumber GSR

  14. stevetheplumber

    stevetheplumber Plumber GSR

    lots of city type will love it or anyone with eratic hours
  15. albatross

    albatross Guest

    If you want to get in on the act BG will supply only for £159 or heatmiser are about to launch one.
  16. UKGuy

    UKGuy Guest

    Not convinced about the Nest, I've got 2 of the wireless Smoke/CO units, they are ok, but not impressed with the UK support so far, so unless they bring in some UK based staff to cope with the much more complex thermostat, I'd worry about using it in UK based heating systems.
    Also I believe it only controls the temperature unlike the Hive which does HW & CH
  17. UKGuy

    UKGuy Guest

    As they sell the kit for £160, £40 to come out and fit seems ok to me. I'd happily pay any plumber £27 an hour as that's what it would have worked out for 90 minutes of his time on site, not counting travelling time!
    I appreciate it's a subsided service so BG can try and sell me something in the future otherwise why did they need to see my HW tank, Gas and Lectric meters etc?
  18. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell GSR

    looks good but we're never in the house long enough to make it worth our while. We only put the heating on when we're at home, which is probably for about two hours before we climb into bed. Sometimes i even stay up 'til 11:30pm :grin:
  19. TBServices

    TBServices Guest

    The heatmiser range is already available. Personally I'll be waiting for an opentherm stat before I jump on this (unless I get a free one). As with most things, it's folly to jump into spending a fortune on tech like this when it's in it's infancy.
  20. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    Owned by google now, who haven't made any promises about not have sting data , selling you stuff 24/7 and generally doing what they do best .
  21. anz

    anz Plumber GSR

    Why do they say on the site £199 including fitting (worth £80)

    and then sell it on its own for £159, surely it should be £199 - £80 = £119
  22. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    Eer it's BG nemesis of ronseal.

    Does nothing like what it says on tin (van)
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  23. Bagsy

    Bagsy Guest

    Well, they see that we are becoming gadget freaks, so there is the market for one up-manship. Do we need it absolutely not, there is plenty of products out there that will suffice, you do not need it on the phone or pc. I just can't wait to meet someone who actually has this & when they styart to boast, then that will be my time to tell them they could have given their money to the poor & done something useful.
  24. Corgiguy187

    Corgiguy187 Guest

    I fit these for BG and find customers young and old who love technology are asking to have them fitted.They are easy to install and the stat looks very good and modern. Easy to fit with or without existing controls and link up with I phones, I pads etc. people see it as a great price as buying a decent remote state alone is not far off the fitted price. Time will tell but I think this will become more the norm in the future when you think the younger generation virtually live on these mobile devices.
  25. ADM360

    ADM360 Guest

    PTS are running the 'OWL' system, which looks quite good, Trying to see if I can blag one as a 'Test subject' priced me up one for a combi, so unit to connect to modem and programmable stat to replace standard wall one, came in under £130 inc.
  26. gassafe

    gassafe Plumber GSR

    6 hours to flush system & fit new boiler, 8 hours pulling your hair out trying to get the wireless stat working through the modem, phoning up aol technical in India... Ahh!!!

    IDCHAPPY Trusted Plumber GSR

    There was a spot on this on breakfast TV a few days ago, gone are the days of mechanical timeclocks or getting up to put the heating on :lol:
  28. gassafe

    gassafe Plumber GSR

    "While hive is busy controlling your heating at home..." Stupid bloody ad, but I can't help whistling along when its on... :(
  29. simon0703

    simon0703 New Member

    Glad I'm not a BG engineer. Give it a year they will be ran ragged fixing that
  30. ADM360

    ADM360 Guest

    Sat here listening to the advert again!!

    And Thinking Heatmiser have had one out for a while, Salus also been out for a while, also OWL and Drayton/Danfoss (can't remember which one) have one out. but I can't remember seeing any publicity for any of them apart from the trade counter!
  31. ADM360

    ADM360 Guest

    Its ruddy on again!!
  32. gasmanrob

    gasmanrob Plumber GSR

    I had the training on this before I left 2 years ago so I'm glad they have launched it whilst it's still in everyone's mind!

    If it breaks as the customer you have a dedicated number to "THE TECH GUYS" who will run a test on the system to see if it's hive or boiler faliure. And send an engineer if needed the repair to hive won't be made by the BG engineer but replacement will be.

    its not a bad idea think about it your mum/dad lives on the other side of town and is a little forgetful or has a habit of turning things on/off and forgetting about it with a system like this you can look at the phone and see if it's on off too high too low and adjust it if required.

    people turn the lights on and off with phones these days. You can relay CCTV back to a mobile device anywhere in the world that you can get the internet seems logical that you could control your heating too.

    a few years these platforms will be common place
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