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Discuss Hive wiring for system that had a CH relay in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. beauchampy

    beauchampy New Member

    Hi all.

    Got a Hive install where the HW works fine, however the CH isn't. Currently the CH seems to be switched on via this Honeywell relay that's in the airing cupboard.

    Anyone know how to wire this thing up? I'm guessing the relay needs to be removed, and the HW on from the Hive needs to be routed correctly to operate the valves.

    Attached some pics. Pic 1 shows the honeywell relay. Pic 2 shows the inside of the junction box.

    The cable marked '2' comes from the Hive receiver. The other cable taped to it goes back to the boiler.

    Top right cable with white insulation goes to the relay.

    Cables with black insulation go to two different valves.

    White insulated cable top left goes to a stat on the HW tank.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated.


  2. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    Time for a re-wire, me thinks, to loose them Green / Yellows cores which are being used as live conductors. What happened to "every cable must carry an earth cable!!
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