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Discuss Help with propane torch please. in the Plumbing Tools area at

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  1. flyte

    flyte New Member

    Sievert mystery solved, the "jet" isn't a jet, its a piece of brass shoved in with a hole drilled, it actually fell out when I tapped it, so now I can see the threaded section where the jet should be. Some people should never be allowed to hold anything sharper than golf ball.
    I sent a couple of emails out today to see if anyone can help with a small nozzle for the Calor torch.
  2. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    I definitely had a small nozzle for the Calor torches.
    Just finding it might be difficult, but I will look for it.
    I would assume it is still available.
  3. flyte

    flyte New Member

    Thanks Best for taking the time, would be nice if you found it, if you do I will name my next steam engine after you :D
    Might still have some luck with the emails I sent out, fingers crossed.
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