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  1. Buglecall

    Buglecall New Member

    Hello just moved into a 2 bedroom flat with kitchen/lounge.
    Did not know about the NIBE issues until I tried to find out how to work the heating system!
    To get any warmth in the lounge the stat needs to be set to 21 both bedrooms remain very cold.
    I need to find out 2 things please?
    The kitchen as a vent in the ceiling and lounge has in the wall.
    bathroom ceiling vent no wall vent.
    bedrooms no ceiling vent but wall vent.
    The cold draught through these wall vents is ridiculous and very noisy. Can I at least partially close these wall vents??? I have read the system sucks air etc BUT who sleeps with bedrooms doors open,this would need to be done so the kitchen and bathroom ceiling vents could suck.
    I am sure the wall vents being part closed would help BUT need advice please.
    The second question is the FAN symbol on the stat. the manual does not say what it a ctually does! only that its normal,fast or auto. What should I set it to?
    Many thanks
  2. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

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  3. Buglecall

    Buglecall New Member

    read that manual already . it does not tell you what the fan does. it does not say why you would use normal,fast or auto. is the fan for heating or to suck fumes/smells from kitchen.
    the manual does say about ventilation and balance BUT my wall vents are just plain 4 in tubes,no baffles or adjustment. So how can that be balanced???? more like pot luck. so if I reduce the air coming in which is stone cold and blowing a gale my costs will go up? what good is having loads of cold air come into the rooms???? this system is terrible!
  4. Chuck

    Chuck Active Member

    Firstly, keep in mind that it's not an air-conditioning system, its a heat-reclamation system.

    Traditional dwellings are ventilated passively by air trickling some places, e.g. air bricks, and out at others. Air movement is driven by convection and external pressure gradients due to wind. This relatively steady form of air change is nice and comfortable but, in principle, wastes heat as the air leaving the building is warm.

    These systems seal the dwelling and allow air in at one or two places through intake vents and out past a heat exchanger, which removes some of the heat that would otherwise be wasted. The vents between rooms allow the air to move through the flat and ensure that everywhere is properly ventilated and there are no 'stagnation points'.

    So, you'd normally leave the system on auto. The fan will then run at low speed, giving just enough air movement to keep the air quality okay. The air temperature and humidity will gradually build up and then, every so often it'll burst into life pull some fresh air in reclaim heat from the exhaust air.

    The problem with this type of system is that when they are working properly the comfort level is 'acceptable'. But they are pretty fussy. (I also suspect that they rely a bit on psyschology, the annoyance of having the compressor come on and off is mitigated for owners by their belief that they are saving money and saving the planet.)

    I don't like this type of system in a domestic context. Owners often don't understand/use them properly, they are complicated and have fans and compressors that need maintenance and can be noisy. Installers are few and far between. Also, although they seem efficient from a kW hr saved per kW hr used point of view, the kW hr used come from electricity and are ca five times the cost of kW hr from gas in a conventional system.

    Anyway, if you are not happy with how it's working get NIBE to recommend a local qualified installer to inspect and service the system and give you a driving lesson. These are not the sort of systems you can diagnose over the internet.
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  5. Faz88

    Faz88 New Member

    It is likely that it’s only the ceiling vents that are used by the Nibe units and these should be set to give a minimum flow rate to the unit. Without an anemometer you will just be guessing at what they are set at. Where are you based?
  6. Buglecall

    Buglecall New Member

    I am in Hastings,east sussex. Only ever had gas heating and this is quite a eye opener!
    The noise and cold air coming through the wall vents is unreal. I have read about the air coming in must be set right for the heating to work properly BUT how can loads of cold air possibly help the system warm the rooms,when cold air is constantly rushing in????
    I am contemplating covering 50% of the grille and see what happens.
    The 2 bedroom doors are always shut so the vents allowing the cold air in is not reaching the kitchen ceiling "sucker" vent anyway.
    who ever designed these things needs shooting!
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