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  1. Minotaur

    Minotaur New Member

    Tearing my left over hair out. Boiler is just not activating

    Fault Code 11
    Sub screen code - Flame picture with Electrical sign, Code 2

    - On switching on Boiler - Slight ,i mean slight, jerk on fan as if it was
    going to start

    - Pump does not switch on ( pump checked, works)

    1) Motherboard Changed
    2) Voltage checked as per valliant Fault finding diagram

    Ask Vaillant | Domestic Boilers | Vaillant

    Suspicious of Fan ?
    If Fan is defective, would the pump Not switch on ?

    Have explored all over and just cannot reach any decisive answers

    My presumptions is on start up ( if there is a demand )
    1) Pump Would switch on
    2) Then Fan would start up ?

    The LED status is showing Green

    I have attached a document with the fault pics

    Any pointers / solutions would be much appreciated. Am relatively new to this field and trying to find my way around ( slowly ) through fault finding

    Attached Files:

  2. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    MI's state F11 = Connection fault between main PCB and interface; Faulty interface; Faulty main PCB (processor), Check fan

    Hi Minotaur Welcome, You might not get much more help until you show GS Registered.
  3. Minotaur

    Minotaur New Member

    Hi - Yes - I went through all those process's ie Interface, new PCB etc. Although "Check Fan" is rather ambiguous

    I am GS registered. Have entered my membership number. Unsure how else to show it ? Mind you, have only registered on to the site this morning
  4. chris watkins

    chris watkins Plumber

    It will need to be checked by a Mod (when they wake up) :D
    = is there voltage to the fan?
  5. Minotaur

    Minotaur New Member

    ah - Yes - Mods :)
    Yes, there is voltage supply upto the fan. Have checked the voltage and it matches broadly what is specified
  6. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

  7. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Send us your gsr number

    And do 10 (7 more ) non spamming posts

    Thread closed until it's moved
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