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  1. Alastair Davis

    Alastair Davis New Member

    Hi MaksimsK,

    Wondering if you have a job after the course, and how you're getting on? There's a fair few on this forum who are looking to do a similar course and i thought perhaps if you're doing alright it might give others some optimism? Maybe you have some first hand (intensive course) advise etc?
  2. MaksimsK

    MaksimsK GSR

    I'm afraid you have almost NO chance to be employed by ANY company, if you having no or little experience.
    They will 'call you back', keep you in mind or in their database, or hundreds of reasons to reject you

    Noone needs you until you get at least a 1 year proven experience. Most common case, they ask for 3 to 5 years. Noone wants to babysit you, or teach you, or guide you or anything. Businesses are made only to make a profit and not to teach/spend money on someone hoping what later, that person will give all that back. Little exemption is a big companies like BG, EDF or similar.

    I've tried everything, tried every single possibility to get on board to any company.
    The only way what's left is to start your own company.
  3. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Sorry to play devils advocate, but why SHOULD smaller companies take a punt on somebody with no experience. Give you a good example. Friend of mine wanted to try and take on an apprentice. He was really chuffed as he got what he was told by the college was the top of the class student. The lad was keen, punctual, wanted to learn and had initiative. However, put him in a customers house and he completely fell apart with nerves and inexperience of being “on the job” in the end my mate had to let him go as 1 in 3 of his solder joints would burst or leak. This lad understood the mechanics of a heating system and how they all work and could properly size a system and properly spec an install but couldn’t work under pressure. Now this lad had proper college training and understood why he was doing what he was doing and how what he was doing would impact the performance of a system. How can you expect a small company to take a punt on someone that doesn’t have the background knowledge or the mechanical mind. I felt really sorry for this lad because he really wanted to be a plumber but I have no doubt that he could get a job designing large systems or similar. Can you offer that kind of knowledge??
  4. MaksimsK

    MaksimsK GSR

    As I said, no one should, but they still could try.
    Unfortunately, training centres only interested in getting your money.

    You mention mistakes that guy was making. I'm reading lots of different stories and see jobs made by 'experienced' heating engineers. They make me laugh, they make me scared, how they can make such a bad quality job with 5+ years of experience.
  5. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    That guy was an apprentice. I think my point is that this guy was trained and still made some mistakes some train g centre guys don’t even have that foundation
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