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  1. Amjad

    Amjad New Member

    I have read some posts regarding C&G level 2 - What I like to ask is has anyone with this qualification gone any further and got employed?
    I have C&G level 2 and would like someone to reply and let me know exactly what they did and how they obtained an NVQ (which ever level) in order to have an employer even look at your CV?
    its been 8years since I did my level 2 and I couldn't get more advice in what to do next to qualify as a plumber. since then I am working elsewhere not elated to m qualification.
    can someone genuinely guide me pls.
    God Bless Ya.
  2. Darian

    Darian New Member

    Hi there,

    Can I ask how hard was for you to get the level 2 ?

    Have you achieve your NVQ 2 ? Can you tell me your feedback about this?

    I am currently starting my level 2, I really wanna meet plumbers. I am looking for work as a plumber mate for a low wage or experience.


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.