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  1. CXR100

    CXR100 Plumber GSR

    just been out to this, thaught at first it was the stat gone, so pulled the vial out and it fired up , but went off after a couple of mminuets again ,pressure was rising, and flow wasn't heating, pump was running tho! , I thaught diverter valve, got a multimeter but not sure how to test it, when the call for heating is on im getting 240v on the orange wire from diverter but its not firing, any ideas? or tips on what to do next? thanks
  2. TVP&H Ltd

    TVP&H Ltd Member

    Approximate age of boiler and which diverter is fitted?
  3. CXR100

    CXR100 Plumber GSR

    it was the motor in the diverter valve! lucky because that's the only spare I had on the van that would fit it!
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