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  1. pfrb419565020

    pfrb419565020 Guest

    good day to you all.

    could some one tell me why my heating pump is running constantly.

    The system is set to Heating timed and the water on constant
    I thought the pump would only operate when the boiler was fired up but this one seems to be runnimg all the time.

  2. Bunker

    Bunker Plumber

    Hi Paul
    I expect you're 3 port, or 2 port valve is stuck on. This could be because it has a fault inside or because the valve itself is stuck and keeping the lever stuck onto the switch which operates the pump and boiler.
    Are you finding the boiler is coming on and off at odd times?
    Either way, you need a heating engineer who can do 'speaks' electrics.
  3. bright spark

    bright spark Plumber GSR

    Pump could be staying on due to over run facility within boiler to allow it to cool after it goes off on timer, that isn't working properly. Or what bunker said.
    Its not something you can do yourself.
    You'll need to call a gas safe or Oftec engineer in to check for your own safety.
  4. Bunker

    Bunker Plumber

    Good point, I forgot about the over-run (if the pump is inside the boiler)
  5. pfrb419565020

    pfrb419565020 Guest

    Hi Bunker

    Thanks for that that was my suspicion too especially when I turned t over o all timed and the pump went off.
    could always try the old plumbers way whack it with a hammer if that dose not work then it bust

  6. MarkOil

    MarkOil Guest

    could also be trying to to do the HW, but if the boiler temp is not higher than the HW, then it will never get satisfied, and the pump will run nonstop, try CH then HW individually to see what happens.
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