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  1. despairing homeowner

    despairing homeowner New Member

    I have had no heating for over 4 weeks. Radiators stopped working one at a time, working back towards the boiler. I had noticed it was really noisy and running on really high pressure since last service. Boiler is a baxi platinum and covered by corgi installed 10 years ago on 19th nov. The engineer they sent out said it was a write off, all insides were melted so they referred to baxi. They changed the heat exchanger, ignition switch, burner and something else I can't remember the name of at the moment. I think pretty much the only thing they didn't change was the diverter and the pump and the controls. the heating still didn't work so the baxi guy said it was the system. somebody came out and said it was the diverter, but corgi queried this because baxi had been . they then sent the guy's boss, who said it was a blockage in the system. I had 8mm pipes, so was told a pressure flush would not be a good idea.
    somebody private came out and said it was the pump.
    corgi sent the same guy back, who still said it was a blockage (there is heat going out, but not returning to the boiler).
    I got a different private person and had all my radiators and pipes changed, a new magnetic filter and a chemical flush and the heating still did not work. Still no return to the boiler. they thought it was the diverter.
    Corgi sent the same company as previously, who still say there is a blockage in the system, but I don't see how if everything is new? But I am now getting some heat on the second floor (where the boiler is) and on the third floor, but downstairs is still cold and the new drop pipes are cold. Radiators that are working are not overly hot though, and cooler at the bottom. Boiler noisy and leaking underneath too which it has been doing on and off for some time. The timer controls have also not been working properly for a while but I have not thought to report this previously. Don't know if that could be a factor in any way?
    I am now told that on my renewal in january I will no longer be covered for boiler replacement because it is now over 10 years old. should I have insisted on a replacement boiler?
    I am demented trying to get this sorted. can anyone please advise on what they think the problem is?

    Thank you
  2. Matt0167

    Matt0167 GSR

    Maybe a long shot but went out to a breakdown not to long ago same situation no return to the boiler British gas cover had changed everypart virtually apart from the case but still no return so they blamed the system said it was blocked,

    on this installation it was quite easy to isolate every rad from the system as it was all surface mounted running around the skirting , left the first rad connected which I had checked run clear through and the pipework and valves were clear ,

    still wasn't returning to boiler even though I knew the system was clear ,

    I undone the return connection on the boiler and there was a line strainer filter built into the actual return isolation valve that was caked in scrap cleaned that out put everything back together all worked fine , such a simple thing had been overlooked hope that helps .

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  3. despairing homeowner

    despairing homeowner New Member

    Sounds like a plausible scenario to me. Thanks very much. I'll get that checked out.
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  4. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    I've had that on a Baxi 100. The system had not worked properly for years, despite attention. Cleaned return filter and the guy thought I was a hero :)
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  5. despairing homeowner

    despairing homeowner New Member

    Great! I'm getting my hopes up here! If this is the answer, I could actually have heating in time for Christmas!! Thanks very much for replying. The more evidence I have to convince corģi it's the boiler, not the system, the better. :)
  6. despairing homeowner

    despairing homeowner New Member

    Just wanted to say you were absolutely spot on guys. The return filter was completelý caked!

    Thanks to you both for posting your advice.

    I've just had a lovely warm Christmas! :)
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  7. Matt0167

    Matt0167 GSR

    No worries thanks for letting us know the outcome, something as simple as a filter in the return connection can be easily overlooked I couldn't believe it my self when I found it and British gas had changed virtually every part in the boiler
  8. Stigster

    Stigster Plumber

    Just out of interest, when a customer forks out for lots of new parts that don't fix the problem and it turns out to be something simple that was overlooked, as in this case, does the customer have any recourse to get money back on the unnecessary parts and work done?

    I completely understand how small things like a strainer can get overlooked, I've made the odd silly mistake like that myself but a customer should not have to pay for loads of work that didn't address the issue, right?
  9. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber Top Contributor!!


    I would agree with you that in the sort of case you have suggested, the plumber should be charging for the actual repair required, and a reasonable time for investigative work to identify the problem.

    Obviously, if the boiler has a strainer incorporated, as in this case, then the plumber should be expecting this to be a possible cause.
    If, on the other hand, there is something weird and non-standard and hidden that the plumber could not reasonably be expected to know about, then the cost for investigative work could reasonably be a hefty figure that might well include the cost of several replacement parts (because it may be cheaper to change a part than charge for the labour to prove beyond doubt that the part is at fault).

    And thus openeth a can of worms...
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  10. Stigster

    Stigster Plumber

    That's a fair answer, thanks.
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