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  1. Baileyn

    Baileyn New Member

    Hi all,
    I hope you can help I have the following problem.

    I recently had hive fitted by British gas. Previously my home didn't have a thermostat, and thought this would be a good idea. I have a closed pressure system with a condensing boiler and radiators throughout the home. I also have a conservatory with hot water underfloor heating and its own thermostat but all part of the main central heating system.

    Coincidentally the underfloor heating in the conservator has stopped working at the same time as I've had hive fitted. (I'm not sure if the dates exactly align as I still don't use the conservatory much as it is pretty cold in there)

    I've had British gas out and they have checked everything and said that the hive installation has not affected the conservatory. The conservatory thermostat constantly has power and It is not connected to the hive.

    In the conservatory is a thermostat, a power switch for the thromosat with a working fuse, these items are working correctly and were tested by British gas today. There is also a box that contains Danfoss pipe thermostat type AT model 041E0010, and a Grundfos selectric pump type UPS 15-50 130. The pipes running to this unit were getting hot with the heating on, but the pipes running under the floor weren't. On opening the box containing the on pipe thermostat and the pump, I could get the pump to work by reducing the temp dial on the on pipe thermostat.

    (I'll try and attach pictures)

    The system has worked since I moved in the house 9 months ago without me ever touching this pipe thermostat, as it was in a sealed box.

    Here the strange thing, the pump kicks in and pumps the hot water under the floor, but it just all gets very Luke warm and the floor stays cold, that and the radiator next to it in the lounge also gets Luke warm. All other radiators that are on stay very hot, but the conservatory floor and lounge radiator go luke warm, like they have their own closed loop?

    What is going on and how should I get it fixed. Is the issues connected to the hive installation?


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  2. oz-plumber

    oz-plumber Plumber

    I would say that either the mixing valve is shot or needs adjustment.

    If there's hot water on the incoming side, it means the boiler and piping system are ok, so the problem is with something after the incoming heating flow main
  3. Baileyn

    Baileyn New Member

    Hi, thanks for the reply. yes there is hot water on the incoming side, the heating is working fine. I think it is an issue with the pipe thermostat. There are three power cables going into the box, with the pump and pipe thermostat, and it is my suspicion that the British Gas Hive installation has screwed it up. They left a blue wire disconnected in the control unit?

    What at I don't understand is when I turn the pipe thermostat down and the pump kicks in and moves hot water to the pipes under the floor, that that bit of the heating and the nearest radiator all just get very Luke warm. While the rest of the system remain hot?
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