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Discuss Has anyone heard of a company train4jobs? in the Plumbing Courses area at

  1. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    It's a little late for me as I'm well into the course now but my main worry is that I won't have x amount of years practical experience as an apprentice would. However, I am too old for somebody to offer me an apprenticeship, even if I worked for an apprentice wage. I know young lads who are struggling so doesn't bare much hope for me. If you're young enough the best way is an apprentice. Train for jobs do seem to give you some experience on site which is a bonus and it's far from a fast track course but I wish I'd spoken to my local college about it first. From what I have spoken to them about it I'll have the right qualifications and paper work but without the apprentice an apprentice will have.

    Not sure how well I'd fare up in a job interview against an apprentice. I'm far from wet behind the ears and having a family to support would hopefully go in my favour but I'd always loose out on experience. Would just need to prove I'll turn up. It hung over on a Saturday morning like some apprentices would... the course is also ideal if you are already working as a plumber so mate or have some background in it.
  2. hamilton

    hamilton New Member

    Hey Andy - did the rep tell you any of the things my rep told me?

    Did he say that Train4Jobs would provide you with all work placements you need to complete your portfolio of work to complete NVQ3 and qualify as a gas safe engineer?
  3. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Sorry to say your chances are the same as someone to get an apprenticeship

    Your best option is to finish the course and try and find a position as a plumbers mate and work your way up from there

    The chances are slim for you to get a qualified plumbers position as you have no experience on site / everyday problems, so in there eyes your starting out as an apprentice

    Good luck
  4. Andrew Bailey

    Andrew Bailey New Member

    Hey, they said I would need to take another course to become gas safe. But everything else was the same
  5. Andrew Bailey

    Andrew Bailey New Member

    I will look to do some free work with a plumber as I go to gain some experience
  6. Andrew Bailey

    Andrew Bailey New Member


    Sadly I'm 34 with a family, so no chance of getting an apprenticeship.

    I am hoping to do some free work with a plumber once I get under way to gain some site experience
  7. OC4REAL

    OC4REAL New Member

    I want to advice anyone who is doing any plumbing courses with Train 4 Jobs and its aliases to desist from the professional scammers and cancel any direct debit you have with their so called finance ltd (the same crooks). If you look them up and thoroughly do your research on them it will amaze you what you will find. Don't let nobody threaten you into sticking with a contract that is built on lies. Cancel and take the liars to court to get your refund. Don't let them get away with their old tricks (SkillsTrain). These people are corporate scammers and i doff my hat for their method of operation. I was a victim of their deception and the scales have been removed from my eyes. They only thing they are concerned about is your hard-earned cash. Tell your friends and any one you know to desist from patronizing them. Go to a college if you want to qualify as a plumber or gas Engineer. For further details on what to do you can contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service supplies free, confidential and impartial advice on a range of consumer issues. You can contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Service by telephone on: 03454 040506 or via its website at: and complain about the scammers. State it as a case of Misrepresentation of Information. You can also look at Consumer Protection of Unfair Trading Regulation 2008 (Section 5 and 7). If we can all voice out then these scammers will be put out of business.
  8. Riksingh

    Riksingh New Member

  9. Magicmesh

    Magicmesh New Member

    Has anyone successful received a refund or got there contract cancelled with Train4jobs or a similar company?
  10. John Wildgoose

    John Wildgoose New Member

    I've recently had an interview with a rep from Train4jobs for a level 2 plumbing NVQ. As previously mentioned in other comments did feel like I was being interviewed with somewhat of a pressure sale from the rep. Haven't signed up yet but still considering it. I'm 31 in full time employment, haven't got kids but will soon (hopefully) have a mortgage to worry about.

    Seems to be a running theme that a long waiting time is to be expected when booking in the practical units at one of their training centers. Has anyone actually managed to complete the course with them and how long has it taken? have you also got an actual code for the qualification? I'm guessing you'd want something along the course in the link below yes?

    Plumbing and Domestic Heating qualifications and training courses | City & Guilds

  11. Magicmesh

    Magicmesh New Member

    I don’t recommend it.. where are you based?
    I pay for it but I don’t do the course need to get my money back some how.

  12. John Wildgoose

    John Wildgoose New Member

    Based in Bristol, thinking against applying now to be honest. Has anyone on this thread successfully completed the course and attempted going into self employment straight away???
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