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Discuss Has anyone heard of a company train4jobs? in the Plumbing Courses area at

  1. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    Good luck Sam, sounds like my situation too. Although I'm only ontonassignment 9. I'm moving fairly quickly through it and feel like I've learnt lot. I've even managed to poly some newly acquired skills to some maintaince work. Including swapping my mum and dads thermostatic shower over. Hoping to start looking for level 2 plumbers mate type jobs in the new year.
  2. p_seehra

    p_seehra New Member

    I am in the same position as you, could you please guide me on how to get the cancellation. thanks
  3. munchkin

    munchkin New Member

    Hi mate, I signed up around the same time as you. Just came across this thread and have to say it did get me I doing the right thing?? So far no issues though. How are you finding it?
  4. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    Hi munchkin, still nothing negative from me. I've just completed module 12 and soon will be going to college. Unfortunately, I don't know when this will be as I've got child care issues in terms of I look after our sin during the day so will have to do the college aspect when wife is off int he school holidays. Doesn't help when we booked a holidyabover Easter either! Hopefully be able to get in May bank hols unless my sister fancies a week off to look after my lad lol? Hell soon qualify for nursery so it will be easier. I can't wait to get stuck in. I mentioned on another thread I'm a bit bored of the theory stuff now and can't progress any more this way until I've got the hands on stuff nailed.
  5. Mgreen

    Mgreen New Member

    hi I am on the train4jobs pluming course and so far so good for me I am about to do my first week practicle on 24th of I started the course in june 2016. and whilst I am waiting I just carried on with the the rest of the modules. ive spoken to the colledge (Featherstone) and my tutor and really looking forward to it. I have had to book accommodation which ive spoken to the course customer service I can claim back after my 4th week practicle. I was sceptical about this when I first started wondering weather I have done the right thing but it was the only way I could as I work full time as an engineer. The only thing I find abit difficult is remembering everything ive learned as don't do it as a full time job. my second week is also booked for 10th of july as it was fully booked to have them back to back weeks. I have also checked the city and guilds out and they are the correct ones you need
  6. Mgreen

    Mgreen New Member

    24th april my first week
  7. Ashly90

    Ashly90 New Member

    I a man currently studying with train4jobs and haven't had an issue with them yet. As Mgreen said above I've also checked with city and guilds and they are the correct qualifications. I started in september 2016 and am finishing my last modules now to book onto my first practicals.
  8. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    Just checking in with you guys on the course? Interested to know how you are getting on.

    I'm now booked for week 1 and 2 in August. I've done all the modules and pre attendance tests. Upto being able to booking the practical stuff. I'm part way through module 13 now and realised the modules seem much shorter upto 24 (the book I got sent after the pre attendance tests. So things should get a bit quicker now. It's taking a while but I'm getting more confident. I've started doing odd jobs for family like fixing leaky water fittings etc like dripping taps which is giving me more confidence. I even replaced a thermostatic shower (like for like). That's about all I'm happy to do until I've had proper training.

    Can't wait for my first week at college. Would love to hear what your experiences of the training centres are like.
  9. samfab

    samfab New Member

    Hi guys there are 32 tma modules so just keep completing them asap and hound the customer service team about getting booked in im getting booked in every 3 months cos thats all they have got wk 3 booked for Sept so taking longer than expected
  10. samfab

    samfab New Member

    How u getting on with it
  11. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    Hi sam,
    Module wise I'm doing fine. I'm booked for weeks one and two in August. I'm struggling a bit with child care at the moment. So getting the practical side done is a bit of a pain. The salesman said I'd be able to do them every school holiday but that's a lie!
  12. samfab

    samfab New Member

    Believe me after speaking to people on the course the sales reps have lied about a lot!
    but try keep to a timeframe with practical sessions otherwise you will struggle to complete everything.
  13. hamilton

    hamilton New Member

    Hi guys I've just completed week 2 practical.

    Re previous comment, I was lied to a LOT by the guy who enrolled me

    1 - you can complete the course in a year if you knuckle down. Bullshit! I had to wait 4 months for my second week, do the maths, 2 years would be almost impossible, 3 years likely.

    2 - you can book your prac's at your own convienience! No - waiting more than 4 months was not convenient at all.

    3. You will get one on one tuition at the center! Total rubbish, class of 10.

    4. 25% of plumbers have retired! Bullshut again. 25% were put out of buissiness by the resession and downturn in the construction industry.

    Most of the guys on my course were told all, or most of those.

    Interested in your experiences.
  14. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    I'm due to start my 2 weeks In the middle of August, was definatey told you can do theweeks as and when you want so I agree, we were lied to. I am looking forward to it but I'm unsure when I'll be able to to the next few weeks as they haven't released the dates yet. I'm trying to do some forward planning so I can book work off an ensure my lad is looked after but I'm struggling here.
  15. Andrew Bailey

    Andrew Bailey New Member

    Hi All,

    I have read the entire chain of comments, there are a few negative as well as good responses. I have just signed up to do the plumbing course, whilst I am in full time employment as i have a family to support. Do you guys thinks its a good move to go with train4jobs or find another way of gaining a plumbing qualification?

    I am undecided as some say yes it's its a good way of gaining the qualification, while others say stay away from train4jobs!?

    All feedback is greatly welcome

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