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Discuss Has anyone heard of a company train4jobs? in the Plumbing Courses area at

  1. Tommy13

    Tommy13 New Member

    I am looking at doing a course with them to train as a gas engineer. I want to know if anyone has used them before? The course advisor sold the course we'll it even has Tommy Walsh doing video about their training centre. The course is just over £7000, and you can do it while you are working your own job so no loss of income. They offer nvq2 in plumbing as first part of course then domestic electrical and gas safe. They also offer to find you 140 days of work to do your portfolio to get gas safe.
    Have not signed up yet as would like people's opinions? There website is .
  2. Dave500

    Dave500 New Member

    I looked into a similar company a few months ago and asked a few questions on here. After reading reviews and doing a little more research into company I'm so glad I went the other route of getting an apprenticeship. You need to check the qualifications you get because I don't know if they use City and Guilds or some other awarding body. Tommy Walsh was on my DVD and the 'assessor' made it out that it was some kind of interview and he would be doing you a favour by putting you on the course.
  3. Tommy13

    Tommy13 New Member

    Thankyou for replying. Yes that sounds just the same as what I had. Person who came out turned it into a interview and that they would be doing me a favour if picked to go on course. The course sounded to good to be true i will have to find another way of getting qualifications. It's hard when you can't afford to stop working to do what you want to do. Hopefully find a way.
  4. Dave500

    Dave500 New Member

    It's true and it's a gamble to whether you'll like it or not. I found that by going to my local college and doing their entry test they will help you look for an employer. Plus if you are older than 21(I think) you get paid a little more.
  5. village idiot

    village idiot Plumber GSR

    Welcome to the forum Dave500.
    A word of advice: ''If it sounds too good to be true, then believe you me, it's just that'', not true.
    These companies will make you feel you are the lucky one? Wrong. They are just after your hard earned cash. If you have a local college, study part time (evenings, weekends, etc) through them and get an apprenticeship with a local firm.
    They will promise you £60k pa, but I guarantee you will end up in debt.

    Good luck
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  6. Wally2801

    Wally2801 New Member

    Did you end up not going on to do the course ? i signed up just wondering what options i would have ?
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  7. Stigster

    Stigster Plumber

    Whilst it is not completely impossible to get in to the trade with a course like this, you simply cannot beat a good old fashioned apprenticeship working with somebody who has experience and willing to share. The main problem for a lot of people is working for the low wage of an apprentice in the first 2 or 3 years. The wages can rise quite quickly for the right person with the right company as long as they can see you actually making some money for the firm.

    I know it's easier said than done but going the traditional route is by far the best way. At least you won't be shelling out five or seven grand for part-time or fast-track courses. If you don't have financial support from parents or a spouse it's a hard thing to get into. If you can afford to pay seven thousand pounds for a course you might be better doing an apprenticeship and using that money as a safety net or to spend on tools.

    Good luck.
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  8. Wilson90

    Wilson90 New Member

    Hi, im one of the silly buggers that went ahead with a course. A rep came to my house and went through the plumbing course with me and i said ill have a think about it, within about a week she rang me asking if i was home at a certain time because she was calling in. When she arrived she told me she had changed me from plumbing to a Renewables course. She didnt even ask me if i wanted to do this course, she went straight into it and explained how much my payments would be, i asked her if i was able to pull out at anytime and she replied yes you can but you will lose your £50 deposit. I was told my course tutor would get in touch with me within 10 days but after calling the office and the rep asking why hasnt he contacted me i got no sense what so ever. I was told id be having practical lessons once a monthat their centre but this was more lies, the lies goes on and on. Now i have pulled out and have stopped my payments, carnegie finance are chading me for the payments, i have told them i will not be paying a penny more. I have gone and got my solicitor involved and she is on the case as we speak. I am going to name the rep :nono: from Bridgend. Train4jobs has been on watchdog and other programs due to their scams, stay away from Train4jobs.
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  9. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    As always in these type threads we should point out that the opinions and experiences posted are those of the individual poster and not those of the forum.

    However we are obliged to remove the names of individuals wherever applicable. This is a horribly litigious society we live in these days.
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  10. student plumber

    student plumber Member

    I don't know about Train4jobs, I went with Train 4 Trade Skills T4TS, and wish I hadn't.
    Lot of money and got comfortable in the job I was doing and they don't set a time limit, even an advisable one.

    I'm sure there are good providers out there but in the end I said to hell with it and went to my local college.
    It is cheaper, quicker, I passed all C&G exams most distinction, because I read up so much, but you can buy plumbing books that will do the same thing.

    I remember the advisor/interviewer saying there are computer scenarios; but there was only one for cold water, one for hot water, one for central heating, and weren't that difficult or varied.

    Be very careful.

    I'm not saying it won't work, I'm sure they have helped a number of people start up, but it didn't help me.
    I had a part time night time job over twenty miles away because it was all I could get.
    It needed a lot of discipline but if I overslept because I did overtime, there was no one there to push me to get up.

    It is horses for courses, you need to be aware of what is realistically possible.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
  11. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    Ok a bit of negativity on here. I've recently joined on their course. Just spoken to a tutor. So far everything sounds great.

    I fully understand people ps quarms about costs. I'm in the position of needing to completely retrain. I'm a qualified primary school teacher that doesn't want to teach any more. In all honesty, getting an apprenticeship at 29 is very daunting. I would quite happily work for the minimum wage until I was qualified but with a family to support and lack of actual apprenticeships for people my age I can't see another way into it. I like the idea that it can be done in my own time and pace. I like the idea that I can block practical workshop college days and I like the fact that they get you on site after so long to gain real life experience. Yes it's not cheap but as long as I'm qualified at the end if it I'm not worried. If I was a few years younger then I'd look into other ways.

    I'll gain an nvq level 2 and 3 and will be assessed by the city and guilds.
  12. student plumber

    student plumber Member


    Young'un then, I'm in my forties and can't teach for toffee.
  13. shanefoster94

    shanefoster94 New Member

    I have just recently signed up to the plumbing course that train4jobs offer, I have done a little research in to this course and in to them and am very sceptical even though I haven't even started the course yet.

    I was sold this course on the primary basis that I would end up level 2 & 3 NVQ qualified with a City & Guilds qualification. The college "assessor" that came to my house also said that their course would give me a GasSafe qualification. Which now I have looked in to it, I will not get from them.

    The qualifications from this course are all domestic level 2 & 3 plumbing, is this correct if anyone knows?
  14. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Welcome to the forums shane, as you probably know these companies are a minefield to navigate, plenty of tales to be found here if you use the little white advanced search box.
  15. samfab

    samfab New Member

    i joined train 4 jobs in March 2016 and am on the last assignment and looking to book my days away in the new year.
    i had the same experience as you guys but i am unhappy in my job and thought to hell with it and went for it.
    i am a 32 yr old man who is supporting wife and kids so this really was the only option.
    the only thing i do find frustrating is the fact i like to learn in a class environment and wish they did one day a month were u went away.
    i have gone off my own back to work for a plumber for free just to get some experience in the field so hopefully this will help.
    for me it really is about self motivation and hopefully by May 2017 i will have my lv 2 qualification and moving on to lv 3 and even working as a plumbers mate.

    heres hoping lol
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  2. train4jobs

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  6. train 4 jobs cancellation,
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