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  1. lbp plg & htg

    lbp plg & htg Plumber GSR

    Replacing a wall mounted shower/ mixer valve above a bath last week (thurs) and removed old by first isolating cold water into apartment which in turns also stops supply to unvented cylinder.

    As tiler needs to retile wall I put 2 ball o fixes at low level so rest of apartment is allowed to remain in use - no problem.

    Comes back 2 days later to fit pipes through for new shower/ mixer valve and isolates water again and drains excess water to allow two tees to be soldered into pipework dropping from above to supply the mixer.

    In the time time ive got out of the bath to get some pipe and fittings from hallway I've heard water start to gush out and to my horror for some reason the cylinder has started to back syphon upstream of non-return valve and out of the open end Im working on.

    So this water then drips through to the apartment below causing staining on the ceiling. Assures owner that the water leak has stopped and they come upstairs to witness.

    Friday I get an email advising that it has damaged all their wooden flooring and their assessor has already been and they are awaiting the amount to rectify!

    Any guess's how much this will be? Spin the wheel of fortune.

    Leeson learnt - never trust a non-return valve!!!
  2. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    pushfit cap ends rule the day, esp if you are working on a system you havent installed.
  3. Keefy

    Keefy Plumber

    Don't you have PLI?
  4. MRDrip

    MRDrip Member

    New total floor 2 to 3 K
  5. Clokworkheating

    Clokworkheating Guest

    Alway make sure you have pli cost about £600 for me and covers Dom,comm,catering and industrial gas hot works
  6. lbp plg & htg

    lbp plg & htg Plumber GSR

    Yeah, got it but just frustrates me. Anyone have any experience of claiming and how much it puts your premium up by?
  7. lame plumber

    lame plumber Guest

    ask to see damage yourself and take photos for your insurers asap or get your insurers in now to avoid being scammed. 9 years back I had removed a small grass bank and replaced it with a stubby wall to stop water flooding off the road, just tidier than a muddy wall. 4 months later massive down pour and all the road water shot into neighbours rear access and down through his house (we are on a hillside) and he tried to blame me, assessors sending out claims letters etc. It took me writing a long tome explaining how idiot neighbour had been flooded on previous occassions before i moved in an how he took no avoidance measures for whole thing to quietly go away! they always try it on first!!!!!!!
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  8. plumb

    plumb Guest

    The problem is that they will not repair it on the cheap if the insurer is involved. We could get it done for less than a grand but my guess is that it will come in between 2-3k for a normal room. Premium will go up do you need to offset the increase by searching with other insurers - this could help.
  9. lbp plg & htg

    lbp plg & htg Plumber GSR

    I understand that if I claim then my premium will go up but what do you mean with regards to "do I need to offset the increase by searching with other insurers"?
  10. plumb

    plumb Guest

    You can usually offset an increased premium by switching to an insurer with a lower premium. I've known friends to claim ona policy and then switch to another company and hardly had any increase even though they had a claim. Just depends on the insurer.
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