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  1. Wet dream

    Wet dream Guest

    Hi all

    Have any of you took the plunge on this. We are pas 2030 now but now not sure it's for us now due to all the bad press on the providers being bad payers.

    Has anyone got any personal exsperence with this.

  2. Dickie

    Dickie Guest

    I do know some are asking for 60 days payment terms, but if the 60 turns to 120 I don't know.
  3. 3portvalve

    3portvalve Guest

    I waited 9 weeks for plumb centre to sort out my eco application....went live for one day and gets a email saying no more assessments!!! **** take
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  4. Tony Robins

    Tony Robins Guest

    Nearly a year later, is this still the case?
  5. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    Yep, same old, same old. Process is a nightmare, no eco funding available to support green deal applications and GDP's taking ages to pay installers...
  6. Tony Robins

    Tony Robins Guest

    So if I was conscious about my environmental impact, what can I do? Without being financially screwed?
  7. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    Look for things that are RHI backed..

    Consider the Green Deal as a Process not a solution, also consider GDA's as Green Deal Assessors, NOT Advisers as they are SUPPOSED to be..

    #1 Insulate
    #2 Insulate
    #3 Insulate

    What is the current fabric of your house?
    Look at Loft (250mm at the LEAST), Cavity Wall, Exterior Wall (EWI) and Interior Wall (IWI) Insulation plus better windows and doors
    Draught proof every where

    If you go for a Green Deal Plan, you DO NOT have to take the finance (so you can fund it yourself) to get any ECO contribution that you may qualify for e.g for IWI or EWI

    I expect that some ECO money will start to become available late April / May time.

    Then look at how you heat the house - if you are on mains gas, the make sure you have a modern efficient reliable condensing gas boiler.

    Also install at a timer and least one room stat and TRV's on all the remaining radiators, better still go for the honeywell evo system that lets you effectively zone the house into up to 8 (12) zones with different temperatures and different times. If you've got a hot water cylinder and immersion, consider adding PV and using an ImmerSUN unit to heat the hot water via the immersion for "free". The FiT will more than compensate you for the capital installation cost.

    If not on mains gas grid, then if you can get your heat loss below 50w/m2 consider an Air Source Heat Pump, and new larger radiators to get the flow temperature down to 45° . - The RHI will once again compensate you for the capital installation costs.

    If still struggling with the heat loss the fit a quality biomass boiler, or maybe even a Ground Source Heat Pump, if you don't have land, you can go for a vertical collector (aka borehole), once again the RHI will compensate you for the capital installation costs.

    IF you are of good financial standing then finance it initally yourself / take out a commercial loan - the RHI repayments are designed to cover that scenario.

    IF NOT of such good standing then a Green Deal Finance plan MAY be available to cover the capital costs...

    Latest from Barking . Domestic RHI (DRHI) will be live BEFORE EASTER.

    FACT: The DRHI went through the first pass of the House Commons a few weeks ago, and cleared the House of Lords yesterday (26th March), is back to the House of Commons on the 2nd April.
    so pre-Easter Launch on target...

    Look here:
    Charging the Earth - Solar!
    Charging the Earth - Solar!: Heatloss+Energy
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  8. Tony Robins

    Tony Robins Guest

    Thanks Worchestre, You really know your stuff. It was very informative thank you.

    I was going to say, I thought the DRHI wasn't approved for domestic buildings yet. (but you had already covered that at the end).

    So if there was one change that could be made to an existing house to make it more eco-friendly, what would it be?
  9. Killy Bing

    Killy Bing Plumber GSR

    eco friendly or money efficient?
    Or a mix?

    insulate the place upto the hilt before you do anything.
    Reducing your energy losses reduces your bills.
    With a well insulated house a dry wood stove can do a fair chunk of the space heating for say the kitchen or main living area.
    you can then time the boiler to run for bedrooms to be heated before you go to bed.

    there is always rainwater harvesting which can be then plumbed in to run your toilets.

    worcester will explain more on the solar thermal +pv side, heat pumps and biomass.
    but remember most of these are useless without an energy efficient home.
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  10. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    #1) By a long way the single most important thing to do is Insulate .
    Inherently eco friendly, as even if you carry on using carbon fuels then you will be using less of them.
    #2) Central heating controls
    Get greater control of your times and temperatures, that way you can easily cut your consumption - see also Killy Bing's comments
    #2) Solar PV with Immersun (if have a cylinder)
    Has pretty much a guaranteed ROI, and if installed properly will need little or no maintenance for 20 years, and enables you to use your own 'green' energy
    #3) As my earlier comment how you heat the home, this depends upon your current heating source.
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  11. voivod

    voivod Plumber GSR

    Been looking into the outside wall insulation for my own house....I have a no-fines house. Would it be possible , where would I go to see about it.
    Am now with a green deal firm, but everything is so vague grr
    (Easier to stick to plumbing n heating methinks )
  12. Ermintrude

    Ermintrude Plumber GSR

    I was at a job today. Private but 100 or so no fines were covered in scaff , mite were doing work but pulled off on jan as no money left. Half done , not started, just scaffolding. Estate looks a mess. Get it done early in financial year!
  13. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

  14. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    We know :) We are currently working on a possible solution to be able to offer installers to take the lead on Green Deal plans, with a (small :) ) specialist central team to take responsibility to drive the projects through. will take about 3 - 6 months to get up and running, which we reckon is about the time that the market will take to get its head around the offerings :)
  15. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

    Welcome to the forums buzzing, did you notice the thread is over 2yrs old? Why not post in the link below and say Hi, ...

    New Member Introductions
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