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  1. RDS89

    RDS89 New Member

    Hi guys. My first post on the forum.

    Im from Lancashire NW England. I've just completed my NVQ level 2 and I'll be commencing level 3 within the next month.

    I'm a bit of a late starter. Currently 27 years old but that's given me an edge above everybody else in my class. I have a talent for plumbing and jeez I love it. This will be me forever.

    I work for a large firm based across England. They're absolutely fantastic and I love the work. Somebody once said "find a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life" well they're right.

    anyway I'm on an average wage for an apprentice (£7.20ph) which will pay my rent and all other bills but it leaves me with about a quid every month for myself, so it's time to start getting the foreigners in.

    But but where do I begin? How do I get the work in? I've kept my success off social media and I haven't told loads of people because I didn't wanna gloat.

    Id work every day of the week if I could. I can do most aspects of plumbing other than gas. I have installed boilers (mostly combis) and I can install a bathroom quite easily (obviously depending on spec because them damn toilet cisterns that fit in the cavity of the wall are horrendous)

    should i I start announcing it on Facebook? Should I print some leaflets? I've registered on mybuilder. the struggle is real.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  2. oz-plumber

    oz-plumber Plumber

    I'd start by getting insurance for myself, to cover any mishaps or any public liability claims.

    Then I would start telling people I am insured to x-amount for work I do for myself.

    When that's done, I would tell customers that I am under full time employment, and the work I can do will be after hours and on weekends.

    So until you have your full ticket, I wouldn't take too many big jobs on.
    You may upset your employer, who has to provide employment for you to receive your full ticket.

    By all means - do small jobs to supplement your income. But just be wary of people who think, because of your situation, you will work for less than you do on the cards.
    And don't work too cheap - you will have self employed Plumbers knocking on your door for lowering the local plumbing prices.
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  3. Masood

    Masood Guest

    As Oz says above. Public liability insurance is a must.

    But before you do anything, including buying insurance, check your employment contract. If private work is forbidden, it could lead to instant dismissal. I know BG and the AA have such clauses in their contract, it is quite likely that others will.
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  4. mfgs

    mfgs Plumber GSR

    Basically as above with regards to insurance and checking your current employer allows it.

    If that is all fine, then just start putting the word out to friends and family that you are available to do small maintenance jobs etc in the evenings and weekends. If when you get work you do a good job then word will spread.
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  5. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Forget facebook and mybuilder. Full of people wanting stuff done for sweet fa.

    Dont bite off more than you can chew.
  6. RDS89

    RDS89 New Member

    Great advise lads thanks very much.

    The lads at my place all do side jobs so I guess it isn't a problem. I'll be sure to find out more Wednesday when I return back to work.

    As for the size of the job, I'm talking about replacing basins and toilets, float valves and similar stuff. Just to make an extra 100 a week (beer money as they say) if any big jobs came about I'd be sure to contact my self employed pal's and I'd labour on them.

    And as for lowering the local prices; my time is valuable to me. As I am a late starter my time cannot be wasted by doing jobs for next to nothing. I am in the game to make as much money as possible. My prices will be the same as a qualified plumber because tbh my work will be the same standard. Basins and things alike. My pipe work is bang on. My knowledge on stuff obviously has a lot of room for improvement which is another reason why I'm on this forum!

    So thanks for your input lads. I guess I'll just spread the word to everybody.
  7. GQuigley67

    GQuigley67 Trusted Plumber GSR

    Mostly how you deal with customers is how you win jobs, I work for myself I am 26 and been in the game for 10 years and some customers have questioned me before as if I am inexperienced because of my age. Not so much these days as I have more confidence and have learned little psychological hacks on dealing with people, got interrogated the other day from Asian couple as if I was too young to be able to run my own business, cheeky buggers! They also didn't accept my quote either which wasn't a surprise.

    I use mybuilder and have made some good money from it, not won any plumbing jobs though mostly heating/gas (probably charge more than your average plumber)

    Ad on Gumtree aswell can bring you in work. One bit of advice would be don't get too confident yet in your ability, when your out on your own there's no one at your back to dig you out a hole for any mishaps that do and will happen. Bigger jobs for evenings and weekends are a nightmare and not worth the hassle imho, been there done it too much stress and grief.
  8. RDS89

    RDS89 New Member

    Thanks mate. Yeah I understand about the getting too big for me boots kinda thing. I'll be happy with sanitary installs or first and second fixes. I guess it's all about spreading the word. As I've been driving tower cranes since leaving school not many people know about my career advancement. I'll just dig deep and crack on!
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