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  1. Martink

    Martink New Member

    Hi All,

    Please go easy on me I'm new here! I have been looking for a gas training provider, so far I have looked at Able Skills, Access Training, M65 Gas, Logic 4 Training, and G.T.A Basildon.

    I have decided to stay away from Access Training & Able Skills as I have seen things that raze alarm bells in my opinion.

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a training provider either in the Home Counties e.g. Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, or the North West as I can attend courses in either location.

    I have had a about 18 months of experience when I left school as a Plumbers Mate, running pipes, bending pipes and a bit of soldering. Before my change of career into a totally different industry about 20 years ago. so I am not a complete newbie.

    I'm looking for a company that can do block weeks e.g course done over a few weeks with gaps in between before exams. or a intensive course and then an exam. Along with providing a worthwhile work placement, and not one where you have "4/5 guys fitting a boiler so they can all use it in there portfolio" As was stated in video I have seen on YouTube from the guy training the engineers.

    Any advice is appreciated
  2. Seb2019

    Seb2019 New Member


    I am interested as well to see if anybody that works in the business can give any advice. I live in Manchester and I've been to an open day tour in Bolton at Universal Skills. They have an outstanding facility there. There is another one in Cleckheaton called Brookhouse Training.

    I would appreciate to know how likely is to get a job after finishing the course and getting the Initial ACS with an ordinary gas supplier for example.

    Thank you very much for your time
  3. Martink

    Martink New Member

    I went to see M65 gas as I was in the area, they have a fully kitted out work shop and seam very friendly, the comes across as people motivated by the quality of training. Along with the fact they seem flexible regarding when you attend the blocks of training.

    Have you considered going self employed after you finish?
  4. DuncanM

    DuncanM Plumber GSR

    Self employed is almost the only route after qualification. Unless you have done a full stint with a company who actially put you through to the end and they keep you on after qualifying. Unless you know someone already in the minimum for jobs is 3-5 years experience.
  5. Martink

    Martink New Member

    Thanks, Duncan.

    You confirmed my suspicions regarding employment with an established company. I'm planning on specialising in boiler repairs and the odd install, rather than all aspects of plumbing. So I am hoping that's something I can setup on my own and make a reasonable living from.
  6. DuncanM

    DuncanM Plumber GSR

    It will be a baptism of fire!! Installations when you are new are easier. Boiler repairs will take practice and mistakes to learn. They do get easier but I still have head scratching and humming and hawing moments. Also when it comes to repairs always check the spare before you leave merchant and make sure it either comes with washers or whatever before you leave. Boiler repairs to make money at it you need at least 3 paying visits per day.
  7. Abi

    Abi New Member

    Hi martink,

    Did you finally joined any of the training providers you mentioned in your first post ?
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