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  1. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I’m absolutely miles away. Sorry mate.
  2. Mikepuzzled

    Mikepuzzled New Member

    Well me too Scott, I knowIt will cost me so there's no problem there. British gas tell me they don't install hobs, bring back nationalisation, mind I suppose that would destroy one man businesses, so forget that
  3. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

    Have a look on gas safe website and put your postcode in.
  4. Mikepuzzled

    Mikepuzzled New Member

    Thanks chalked
    I've actually managed to find someone willing to do the job.
    In desperation I was going induction electric hob. Which due to the blooming logistics of installing a new cable would have seen me running an armoured cable all the way round my house to the hobs nearest point. Not that bad a job but lots of cable. Now however no problem. Well I hope there isn't. Providing I could have got hold of a corgi to remove the old hob
  5. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    Induction hobs are the future
  6. Mikepuzzled

    Mikepuzzled New Member

    Well I agree quality. I can see their advantage.
    Easy clean being one. To get the rated supply through the house would be a no no. I've not priced yards and yards of armoured cable rated at 48 amps
    The hobs we've looked at are higher rated than 32 amps. I'd get a qualified electrician to connect at hob and consumer unit and install the isolation switch. Just to satisfy the testing regs. And certificate. I'm 73 I recon a new gas hob will last me out. Mind my wife wouldn't appreciate me throwing away her non magnetic pans if I did go induction!!!!
  7. Murdoch

    Murdoch Active Member

    There are induction hobs on the market that have 13A plugs fitted ...
  8. Mikepuzzled

    Mikepuzzled New Member

    Thanks Murdock. Bit puzzled by that. Have they not got many heat areas. I always thought the strength of the magnetic field required, especially if you had say three pans on the go would be more than a 13 amp ring main could safely produce. Shows how wrong you can be.and don't forget my wife is a large 4 pan woman. Thanks for the info. I've only ever found over 40 amp total hobs, well a few 32 amps.
    I've given up on induction route now, having found out if you've got a pacemaker then bang bang pop pop. Not of course that I've got one yet
  9. Frelon

    Frelon Active Member

    Induction jobs are the future
    AEG and probably Bosch do induction hobs that will plug into a regular 13 amp socket. But you still need your GSR to cap off your gas supply
  10. Mikepuzzled

    Mikepuzzled New Member

    Thanks frelon, I'm getting the hob next week will contact gas board I'm certain they will cap off the pipe for a charge. The hob I'm looking at will need 32 amps full load. I'm installing, well I'm not I'm just running a new cable, the professional will install from consumer unit and wall isolation switch etc. I'll make sure it's rated correctly volts drop etc.
    I'm a bit jar de jarred but, I've got a much more interesting query coming up watch this space
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