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  1. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Just looking for a bit of a sense check on this one. Situation is that I'm GSR over here but have a property in France that has a fuel oil (French red diesel) boiler and so I get someone over there to service it. I've had some issue with it on it cutting out. I found it to be heavily blocked in the chamber with soot and a cracked photocell. Had someone go out this week to look at what the main issue was and he said it was the nozzle not being correct. He cleaned it up, got the boiler running and off he went. I've since spoken to my regular oil service guy, who couldn't attend this time around, and he says that the burner in place is a UK model that isn't designed to run on fuel oil but you can get around it by having a smaller nozzle Danfoss 0.65 - 60 S and increased pump pressure to solve it. he said Riello had told him this work around when he went for training there. But, the level of soot in there would suggest that despite this, it is clearly not burning cleanly and something somewhere isn't quite right. Burner is a Riello RDB1 but is an Italian model as it's badged as a Sime CF30 - Riello have told me most parts are interchangeable but there is no direct UK replacement burner as a complete unit.
    France isn't regulated on oil like we are with Oftec and so anyone 'competent' can legally work on oil boilers. I'm assure my usual guy is oftec and did work in the UK trade for a long time and he did come highly recommended. I just want some advice on the whole thing from those in the know here. I'm planning to get service parts for him here and take them over at Christmas for him to install and hopefully set it right on his FGA
  2. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR

    What are you asking for ?
    Is there a specific question you have?
  3. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Doesn't sound like your guy is also too confident.
    The first thing that needs considered is - If the boiler itself (the main part) is designed to work on diesel powered burners. (The modern condensing oil boilers, and standard efficiency boilers that have low level flues will not be suitable for diesel).
    The theory your guy has stated is correct, but it will need an experienced oil engineer to correctly size the nozzle and make various adjustments.
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