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  1. Mags5157

    Mags5157 New Member

    I'm currently leaving the Army and I'm looking to go into plumbing and gas. I've been looking around at the best way to enter the field. I understand there's all these accelerated courses but are they genuine and worth going on? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Welcome to the forums, general view is almost impossible to get employment without on site experience and going SE is risky for the same reason.
  3. mfgs

    mfgs Plumber GSR

    An apprenticeship could be the answer, gives you the chance to learn while you work. Although you wont earn very much in the first year.
  4. Whyme

    Whyme Guest

    they will give you the paperwork needed but still need some on site with a firm person whoever to complete the coarse. also you must be prepared for rubbish money (apprentice type wage). reason those course's have a bad name is folk go on then realize there not on a good wage then set up on their own with little experience and cause havoc. welcome btw and good luck. best advice is get in with a small company as just a pair of hands then try and get qualified.
  5. A1P

    A1P GSR

    Lots of posts on here explaining why these courses are run for the providers benefit and lead to disappointment and high costs for those who go on them.If you are set on plumbing and heating you need to have a way of gaining experience and ideally someone who will put you through an apprenticeship.There is a wider range of skills in this job than some others and it is not an easy trade to get into_On another similar thread forum members were suggesting alternatives such as plastering and tiling as there was a skill shortage in these trades.Best of luck.Do not waste your resettlement grant.One thing in your favour is that there are people who still put a value on service to your country and will give you a hearing.
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