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Discuss end radiator not heating up in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. Cathy Francis

    Cathy Francis New Member

    Hi, the last radiator in the line has stopped heating up! All the others are nice and hot and the pipe is hot up to the inlet but the rad is cold.. any ideas please? I have a Worcester Greenstar 25Si/30Si combi.
  2. Riley

    Riley S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Turn off others and see if you can force heat through
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  3. bacon_sandwich

    bacon_sandwich GSR

    and have bleed tool ready just in case there was a bit of trapped air, rad will be cooler at the top if air has been pushed along and goes in the rad
  4. Cathy Francis

    Cathy Francis New Member

    Brilliant, thanks I love you guys. I’ve learnt so much over the last couple of years since I’ve been on my own. Who says you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks.
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  5. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Its a bit weird has this just started , depending on age of boiler it may be an indication that the pumps getting tired.
  6. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

    5903F319-3852-4C1A-B3BB-2D27C8D4D94B.jpeg Had one today on a boiler change. Customer said conservatory rad had stopped working a couple of years ago.
    Powerflush wouldn’t clear it. Compressor connected to rad stalk wouldn’t and mains pressure wouldn’t.
    Took laminate up and trap to find non barrier hep blocked solid.
    Cut out and replaced with copper.
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  7. Ben-gee

    Ben-gee Plumber

    OP, does it have TRV? It sounds like a stuck pin to me.
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  8. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Glad you have just confirmed what I thought.
    I came across identical problem on a job earlier this year and the entire 15mm Hep pipe to one end of rad was blocked just like in your photo. (I know this for sure as I discovered later every foot of pipe I cut up had a solid coal like blockage).
    It was also non barrier installed I believe by builders ‘plumbers’.
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  9. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Did a bathroom earlier this year. Radiator moved about 15 years. Non barrier hep. Rad not worked for two years. Once under the floor and cut out the hep it was blocked solid for whole length of pipe.
    Changed a dining room radiator last year. Filled it back up, wouldn't work. Cust then tells me that's why they wanted new one as old one wouldn't work. Under floor again and rad been moved years earlier with non barrier hep. Choked solid.
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  1. last radiator not heating up

Users found this page by searching for:

  1. last radiator not heating up