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  1. peter lanky

    peter lanky Member

    Around 6 months ago my shower unit broke and after much searching, I found somebody who could fit a new one. I had to supply the unit, which I bought from a supplier, and somebody else fitted it for me.

    There is now a problem with the shower so my conundrum is: Who is responsible, supplier or fitter? Even if it turns out to be the supplier, and they agree to replace it when I return the old one, it means I would have to call back the fitter twice to remove and then reinstall, which would no doubt cost more than buying another one.

    Is this a common problem, or is there a solution, i.e. in legal context rather than just an opinion?
  2. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    What is wrong with it?
  3. Darren Jackson

    Darren Jackson Plumber GSR

    If the unit is faulty and is still in warrenty then it will be replaced or repaired by the manufacturers engineer. Ring the manufactures helpline and they will arrange an engineer to visit free of charge. But if they find it is a fault of the installation they will charge you for the call out and any work carried out. Although I and many other reputable engineers would come out free of charge to a faulty unit they had recently installed and determine if it is indeed a faulty unit and recommend contacting the manufacturer. Or if it is a problem with the installation then they should rectify it at no charge.
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  4. peter lanky

    peter lanky Member

    The shower is a Creda Florida. As the dial is turned to alter the temperature, nothing happens. The water is too hot. The only way to alter the temperature is to select 'half heat' and then the water is only tepid. The unit worked fine for some time before the problem occurred.
  5. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Sounds like a flow issue - those showers work by less flow, more heat.
    You turning to “half heat” is simply running the shower at half power (one only of the 2 elements) and would point to a partial blockage somewhere - inside the shower at filter perhaps, or shower hose linked internally or blocked hand set.
    Still is possible of course that shower has a fault.
    You bought the shower, so it is your responsibility to arrange the manufacturer to come out if the fault is of the shower itself.
    If your plumber did something wrong, he should sort it or pay for any costs
    Ring Creda helpline to get advice from them of what could be wrong
  6. peter lanky

    peter lanky Member

    I've been in touch with the company that owns the Creda name, so will wait to see what happens.
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  7. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Unscrew the shower hose from the unit (if you feel able to do so) and run the shower at full power to see if the water temperature is still uncontrollable when turning the flow temperature knob
  8. Murdoch

    Murdoch Active Member

    Out of interest how do you think you can hold the fitter responsible?

    You bought it ..
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  9. peter lanky

    peter lanky Member

    I don't know. That is why I asked the question on this forum rather than guess.
  10. peter lanky

    peter lanky Member

    Tried that. Makes no difference.
  11. Murdoch

    Murdoch Active Member

    If the fitter had supplied the shower, then the onus would be on them to fault find and replace if necessary.

    As you bought the product, the onus is on you to cover any costs now IMHO
  12. fixitflav

    fixitflav Active Member

    In that case it seems unlikely it's the fitter's fault.
  13. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber

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