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  1. Tryinghard

    Tryinghard New Member

    Small 47 sq meter 2nd floor flat in London - 50 flat block Built 1998.
    All electric , no gas possible.
    2 x 20 yr old original Creda storage heaters - lounge and bedroom - both have windows.

    The flat possibly wont be occupied 2-4 weeks in some months during the year. Because of this will probably be on standard tariff electric rather than economy 7.
    My worry is preventing water pipes freezing ( Kitchen, lounge and bedroom have an outside wall ) ; ventilation and protection from condensation / mould during these periods.

    The rest of the block, other flats / communal areas are very well heated 24/7 so we do benefit from this heat.

    We can leave windows slightly open ?

    Any advice please.
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