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Discuss Does my system need h-piece and lockshield valves? in the Plumbing Forum area at

  1. asdnator

    asdnator New Member


    2 storey building
    3 apartments per floor

    Waterborne heating system description:
    Each apartment has separate heating distribution manifold cabinet.
    Manifold based distribution system where each panel is served by its own circuit.
    STAD valve in the second floor manifold cabinet for the return line.
    Pex pipes
    Purmo Ventil Compact CV11-400-1200 + Danfoss RA 2977
    Purmo Ventil Compact CV21-600-500 + Danfoss RA 2977
    Purmo Ventil Compact CV22-400-1400 + Danfoss RA 2977
    Purmo Ventil Compact CV21-400-1200 + Danfoss RA 2977
    Purmo Ventil Compact CV33-600-400 + Danfoss RA 2977
    Purmo Compact C22-900-500 + Danfoss RA-N + Danfoss RA 2977

    My question is, do i need h-piece valves for the bottom connection ventil compact radiators and a lockshield valve for compact radiator?

    Thank you
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