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  1. richard stubbings

    richard stubbings New Member

    I have an old Ideal Mexico system boiler. I have not had it serviced for a few years and I know it should be serviced.

    Yesterday the boiler did not light. I could hear the spark clicking repeatedly but after 10 minutes it still had not lit. So I assumed it was dead. I called a engineer.

    Today I tried the boiler again and it works. The ignition comes on first click but latter on I noticed it takes a few clicks to ignite.

    Anyway, warm again.

    Engineer arrives and takes off front ONLY (just the white case) Looks at working boiler and turns the temp knob back and forth and states that the gas valve is likely needing replacement, the Spark PCB likely needs replacement, and the control knob is not properly working. He recommends a new boiler as the replacement parts are going to be costly.

    Now I KNOW a new boiler will be cheaper to run, but as I am trying to sell the house it is not an investment I want to make.

    HOWEVER I have to question how the engineer can determine that the gas valve needs replaceing without looking at it, not why the spark PCB needs replacing as it is clearly working. He said that it is on the way out and the spark is no longer big enough.

    Am I being given a tall tale?
  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Get a different engy out
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  3. richard stubbings

    richard stubbings New Member

    Yes, I have arranged for two more to come out. But my curiosity is peaked, and they cannot come before Monday.
  4. CBW1982

    CBW1982 Member

    Parts can be expensive, especially some PCBs, but it seems to me he just wants to fit a new boiler.
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  5. richard stubbings

    richard stubbings New Member

    Thank you, possibly my thoughts too, and in a way he is right. It is a very old inefficient boiler and I would probably get my money back in a few years. BUT I want to move.
    Is he right the pcb could be working at a lower efficiency and thus need replacing. I just assumed that they either worked or did not work.
  6. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

    i presume its a fanned flue boiler mexico could be a couple of things but if sparks and lights than just let other engineers check it out they do sometimes take a few sparks to light and then they ignition electrode also is the flame sensor so this proves that it is lit then brings on full gas.

    as i said could be a couple of things so dont just take his word for it but also as its an old boiler the purchaser will be told to get the heating boiler checked as part of his survey so could come back at you with a lower offer as the house needs an updated heating system.
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  7. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR

    It is not a system boiler but I know what you meant by saying that.

    The Mexico was a very good boiler in my opinion. If it is working now the chances are it's something and nothing. I would say by the sounds of it that you need a good service carrying out by an experienced Heating Engineer.
    As far as changing it goes. You won't get the money back so if you're moving house, my advice is get a good service by a competent person and ask them to give you some written info on the condition. A lot carry service / inspection sheets or if not they can no doubt send you something.

    Twiddling knobs doesn't tell you anything much.
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  8. richard stubbings

    richard stubbings New Member

    Thank you. I assumed as much.

    It did not start out in life as a system boiler, but when I moved in 10 years ago I had it upgraded (extra sensor) and it is now in a sealed system (no cold water header tank and pressure guage etc.)
  9. CBW1982

    CBW1982 Member

    I’ve never Heard of a pcb working at a lower efficiency, just the boiler itself. Like others have said get an engineer who is willing to do the job and competently.
  10. Last Plumber

    Last Plumber Plumber GSR

    It still not a system boiler. It is a regular boiler on a sealed system.
    Hope you get sorted with it.
  11. richard stubbings

    richard stubbings New Member

    Thanks for all the helpful comments. The second engineer arrived, and although it took 3 and a half hours! he fully serviced the boiler, recommended an extra vent (fair cop) and all is working fine. He said that the flames are burning at a good efficiency and the flue has a very good draw. He said the boiler was good for a years to come BUT parts would probably become scarce. So time to start saving for a replacement and plan for the future.
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  12. richard stubbings

    richard stubbings New Member

    Thank you for your information. It is in fact an open flue boiler. No fan that I can see. It is not as efficient as modern boilers but the rest of the system is. Y-Plan with independent timer control on each bedroom radiator ( to reduce the heating on the spare rooms) plus wireless and wifi connected main heating thermostat in the living room. A relatively new hot water tank with layer upon layer of insulation. Apart from the boiler there is limited room for improvement. I will be getting a quote for a new boiler anyway and see if they can provide a comparison of the cost of the old vs the new. It would help in either negotiation or as you say, get the boiler replaced myself.
  13. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    If it is working then I would do as advised above and be prepared to lose a little money on the sale price then buyers can have their choice of new boiler, if you buy a new one now I would say that it will lose you money in the long term.
  14. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    There you go sounds like an good engy
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