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  1. BrassNut

    BrassNut New Member

    Hi all,
    I have a large radiant stove fire in my front room. It's a large sitting room/ diner room.
    The thing is, it takes what seems like ages to heat up the room using the stove.
    We use that supertherm coal taht's specially made for stoves.

    My friend says I've installed the wrong stove as the room is far too big for a radiant stove and that I should have used a convection model.

    Has anyone installed a convection fire and are you happy with it?
    Does it heat the room up quicker than a radiant stove?
  2. BrassNut

    BrassNut New Member

    Found a good article on it online.

    It turns out that radiant is more like a traditional fire - providing a central heatsource. The stove unit gets very hot and emits heat itself. A bit like a traditional fire.
    The convection model sucks in cold air, and circulates it as warm air. The stove itself doesnt get as hot as it's heating the air and not the panels of the stove.

    As for which is better for a large room - I can't see that one is correct and the other the wrong choice. But good to know there are two different systems out there.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.