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  1. whatsthenews

    whatsthenews Member

    Can I jump in here rather than starting a new thread about the same thing? We were about to start getting quotes for a new combi (just moved into a house with a 10 yr old Vokera) and it's now packed up on us. Heat exchanger is bust so we're topping it up every 3 hrs.
    Anyway. Quotes and boilers. Current one is on inside garage wall with the flue (with no supports) is running across the ceiling to the outside wall and gas pipe doing the same. Condensate pipe runs around the base of garage to outside where it just drips (persistantly ATM) onto the block paving. Flue is corroded externally. Amazing to think it has a Building reg cert and we were given a gas safety certificate before we bought the house.
    So quotes to fit a new boiler, flu, magnetic filter ,flush etc and relocate boiler onto the outside garage wall and rectify condensate pipe .

    This quote also includes removing a funny bit of bypass pipework under the bathroom rad' Radiator upstairs, where we only seem to have a 1 pipe system and a new wireless thermostat. Originally there was a back boiler in the house.

    Baxi/main eco 30kw
    5 years warranty

    Potterton titanium 28kw
    7 years warranty

    Baxi platinum
    10 years warranty

    2nd quote includes all above the above except removing the bypass pipe under the bathroom radiator and the new wireless therm'

    Ideal Logic Plus 30 with 10 year manufacturers
    warranty £2,586
    -Vaillant 832 with 10 year warranty additional £250
    -Ideal Vogue c32, 12 Year warranty additional £230

    Any thoughts please?
  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Are you planning on staying a while ?
  3. Coby kenny AGUILAR

    Coby kenny AGUILAR Member

    Your quotes are extremely cheap if it is a one pipe system.

    Really enjoying the baxis at the moment, platinums seem solid, quiet when running.
  4. Rob Foster

    Rob Foster Top Contributor!!

    You really need to expand. You have a golden opportunity to future proof your home.
    So tell us loads of things...
    1. how many bathrooms
    2. how many bedrooms
    3. how many showers
    4. how many baths

    do you have or want to have

    The lifestyle of your there someone there all day, or are you all working you want to be green or do not care

    are you on the gas main or on lpg kerosene etc.

    what sort of house old, 60's or

    then you will get some answers

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  5. whatsthenews

    whatsthenews Member

    Hi and thanks for the replies.
    Gas mains
    Yes, someone here a lot and she's a cold fish.
    Can't afford anything green like air source HP or solar but efifciency is important as lady of the house is retired so we have to look after the ££.
    House is 1960's 3 bed semi, but it's the floorplan of the detached homes (think gable end facing the street style)so approx' 1100 sq ft. At the moment we have 4 rad's downstairs (hall, LR. DR,Kit) and plan to put one in the Utility once it's been insulated.
    Only 1 bathroom which has an elec' shower. No bath. Toilet is sep' ATM.Plan on a bath (which we will v rarely use) and mains shower, plus poss' making the current loo into an en suite shower (elec' would do).
    No cav' wall ins' but just upgraded loft insulation to 300 mm when we had new roof. New UPVC DG windows few weeks ago.

    Apparently we have 2 pipes downstairs but only 1 up, but a double pipe under the rad' in the airing cupboard.
    System seems unbalance as rad's downstairs get very hot very quickly, but often ones upstairs are barely warm but maybe that's because there's been a problem with the pressure.
  6. whatsthenews

    whatsthenews Member

    Sorry Shaun- good question! I would say 5-10 years.
  7. Craig Watson

    Craig Watson Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    It all comes down to what you want to pay. Personally I would avoid ideal, not that they're a bad boiler but there's alot of plastic inside them.
    If your wanting to pay less then go with baxi, all brass components, quiet operation. You haven't mentioned been quoted for the 600 series, its not as expensive as the platinum and you get a 7 year warranty with it. Depending on required flow, the 630 or 635 would be ideal.
    If your willing to pay that little extra then you won't go wrong with the vaillant 832, you won't find many installers who wouldn't recommend a vaillant.
  8. whatsthenews

    whatsthenews Member

    Thanks Craig. So would it be fair to say that the 2nd quote has higher labour costs? We had a Baxi eco tec 28 in our last house but we were only there for 2 years. It was quite noisy, but not bothered about that in this case with boiler being in the garage. What's the difference between the Baxi main/eco and the Platinum? Is it just the warranty period? Assume that as nobody's mentioned the Potterton Titanium not worth discussing? Are Potterton part of Baxi? Obviously we would prefer not to pay £2800 for the Vaillant. Have a lot of other things to do like new kitchen (retro 1970-'80's Shcreiber with a Bosch Backwagen oven!) and bathrooms ,plastering etc etc.
  9. whatsthenews

    whatsthenews Member

    Do any of these boilers have SS Heat exchangers?
  10. Craig Watson

    Craig Watson Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I can't say what the differnece is in price between the quotes, you'd need to ask for a full breakdown to find that out.
    The baxi/main eco is a different boiler to the platinum. Main is part of baxi but has a different range of boilers. The platinum is the same as the baxi duo tec only it has the 10 year guarantee instead of 7.
    The 600 series is baxis newest range of boilers, more compact than the duo tec/platinum but shares most of the same components and is cheaper.
    As far as im aware the poterton titanium is practically the same boiler as the duo tec only with a different badge.

    Most boilers now will either have a stainless steel or aluminium heat ex. The duo tec/ platinum, 600 series and the poterton have stainless steel heat ex's
  11. Millsy 82

    Millsy 82 Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I would double check with the installer on what they are doing and what they are supplying. The reason I say that is £2300 for a platinum and moving it and sorting out a 1 pipe system upstairs is really cheap. I would be looking for around that just to move it with a filter and clock etc.

    Also why are you moving the boiler? How much longer is this going to make your hot water run? If you have to extend your pipe 5 meters that would be an extra 3/4 of a litre of water every time you want hot water.

    I'm a big fan of baxi myself and you can't go wrong with the platinum but as Chris said there is also the 600 which seems a good boiler I've fitted a few and all good so far. I'm not a big fan of vaillant I think they used to be great but I think them like Worcester are living off old reputation. Ideal I wouldn't touch at all, shocking customer service (round me at least) and sometimes trying to get hold of parts has been a pain. But if you ask several installers you will get all sorts of answers.
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  12. whatsthenews

    whatsthenews Member

    Thanks again everyone. I think that's clearer re the actual boilers.
    Is a SS HE better than aluminium?

    Millsy- moving the boiler because it's not on an outside wall or on the same wall as the gas meter, so gas pipe and flu go across ceiling, PRV pipe (is that correct?) and Condensate pipe go around the bottom of the garage including across /below the step up through the utility room door. As you come out of the utility room into the garage the boiler is right there on the wall. Will only be moving it about 2.4 m.

    Neither of the quotes include sorting out the 1 pipe system upstairs.
    A guy we had out to sort a leaky rad and replace a TRV explained how the 1 pipe affected the system, but then he realised that there were 2 pipes downstairs and said it might be OK and the first quote RGE said it would be worth putting the new boiler in, removing what he calls " a bypass pipe" from under the rad' in the old airing cupboard (dont' ask) and seeing how it goes with the rad's properly balance etc?
    Would a photo of said pipe help?

    Why have they installed the system on one pipe upstairs if that's not right? I think I understand that the old back boiler would have been a 1 pipe system, or is that not correct?
    If it's not right and it should be 2 pipe, then how could whoever did it issue a Building reg's cert' or does that not cover pipework?

    Also things like the flu isn't supported and the condensate pipe isn't going into a drain and looks as though it might be going uphill?

    Apologies for all the questions.

    This is the full quote for first RGE

    Relocate boiler
    Alter hot/cold/ heating flow and return
    Alter gas pipe, pressure release and condensate pipe

    Alter any electrical points needed
    Full system power flush with system cleaner and inhibitors

    Remove bypass pipe underneath rad in bathroom

    Fit magnetic filtration to heating

    Keep original (if you like the current one) or replace new wireless thermostat

    Boiler and any materials needed supply and fit
  13. Craig Watson

    Craig Watson Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I'd like a pic of this apparent bypass pipe. It may be the last radiator on the circuit before it loops back to the boiler, in which case isn't a bypass.
  14. sammathias

    sammathias Plumber GSR

    Vaillant ecotec pro 28
    Vaillant ecotec plus 825 or 832.

    Both stainless hexs

    Personally if your only hot water demand is for a kitchen sink and maybe a bath in the future a 32kw boiler is overkill. Even the 25kw boiler will be ample for your 3 bed semi heating demand.
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  15. whatsthenews

    whatsthenews Member

    Here it is bypass-pipe
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