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  1. Bekbek90

    Bekbek90 New Member

    I need advice on my boiler please.

    My Combi boiler has started making a really loud ‘scraping’ type sound when the hot water is running. It sounds like something is scratching or scraping.
    The hot water then turns cold and only goes back hot if you turn the tap slightly so that the water runs much slower - then it runs very very hot. The pressure gauge on the boiler fluctuates up and down when the hot water is run.

    Since this happened I also have problems with my radiators. It started with the radiator in the living room not working, but the rest in the house are fine.
    My partner bled all the radiators to remove the air and repressurised the boiler. This did nothing to help.
    As time has gone on, my 2nd downstairs radiator has now stopped coming on. (We have 2 downstairs and 3 upstairs).
    The boiler doesn’t make the scraping noise when the heating is on.
    I have also noticed that when the heating fires on, the boiler fires up as normal. The temperature builds up to around 80 (on the digital display on the boiler) and then it switches off and quickly loses heat dropping to around 44. Then it will fire back up and repeat over and over.

    I’m now really struggling to get the house warm, I’m pregnant and have a 5 year old. I’m waiting for my landlord to get a plumber out but it’s going to be at least another month before this happens.

    Can you help me identify the problem and give an idea of the size of the job to repair?

    Just to add, the boiler was fitted brand new in 2015.

    Thank you
  2. Riley

    Riley S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    You have a young child and you’re pregnant your LL has obligations so don’t be fobbed off. There is nothing you can do you need a gas safe engineer. If it’s not a dodgy install it’s possibly still under warranty
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  3. scott_d

    scott_d Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    A month?
    Do you go direct or through an agent?
  4. AMGasServices

    AMGasServices GSR

    Email the landlord (make sure you have written proof giving him 7 days to sort the issue).

    If there no response or action inform him you’re got to stop paying the rent and going to get the boiler sorted.
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